Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Minds...

Read : I Corinthians Chapter 2

When we utter the phrase “great minds think alike,”  we more than likely are poking fun at another who interpreted  something the same as someone else…mistakenly maybe, or when referring to ourselves, it may be used in a self-promoting  way in jest, meaning someone else came to a similar conclusion as our selves and it worked beneficially.  Either which way this phrase it used, one’s mind is mirroring another. 

While reading the first book the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, he finishes Chapter 2 with one sentence that really had me pondering, “But we have the mind of Christ.”

“I don’t have the mind of Christ…I could never have the mind of Christ…I try to be like Him, I try to be Christ-like…but to have His mind?”

Scripture is given to us to encourage and teach and fill us with hope…I suddenly felt like I was so far from the mark. Humbled, yes, knowing I had so much more to work on.  

Does God think about chocolate?  Does He contemplate about ways (oh my) to shut the incessantly yipping dog up?  Does He conjure up ways to avoid a certain person or situation?  Does He ASSUME…

I pulled a friend aside who I trust with great Biblical wisdom.  “Explain this to me Mike,” I said.  “How can one EVER have the mind of Christ?”

"The mind of Christ is seeing things in God's perspective, His point of view."

My mind found peace.   It is the simple fact that we recognize we do not have the mind of Christ but we move towards seeing and embracing Christ’s point of view.  One can only do that by getting to know Him more and more each day and giving over continuously those attitudes that just keep us, well—not so great.

Lord, I know there are many days I have my own eyes peering at things and my thoughts and words are not reflective of You.  Help me Lord to see through Your eyes and to have a Christ-like perspective in every situation.  Amen.