Friday, September 4, 2015


Ecclesiastes 3: 12-13 I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good in one's lifetime; moreover, that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor--it is the gift of God. 

What more could we really want?  All is GOOD! There's food and drink on the table because the reward of a paycheck entered the bank account, then the wallet. The agenda of the day includes grocery shopping, picking from a number of places in which to find multiple choices of ingredients for a meal, --not just one meal but three for each day and then maybe some snacks in between.

An alarm rings and we awaken to a brightening sky and a sun bursting with energy. All is GOOD. The car starts, coffee-hot and satisfying,  and the traffic isn't too bad. E-mails and communications wait for us at the office and the sales projections meet and exceed expectations. Projects progress towards completion and a possible bonus...

The surgery ended and you walked over to the family and told them of the success, allowing them to feel hope...

A food critic comes into your restaurant and gives you a four-star review.

Checks are written for donations and charities, colors are picked for a remodel, and schools selected for a higher education. Children are healthy, flowers are blooming, teams are winning. Tweets are sent, statuses updated and pictures posted. All is GOOD!

But for the Grace of God,  go I...

How do you REJOICE in the GOOD---the reality of YOUR GOOD?

Do you hear the BOSS? He calls you to come to a board meeting with Him every day. He's got a working plan, one set in eternity long ago. He wants to bless you and direct you to achieve your purpose by sending you out into the world to bring Him Glory. Our good effort in His grace, redeemed in eternity.


Every breath, every moment, every action and reaction, every dollar, every talent, every inspiration, every human being's potential in this world starts as a Gift of God. Every moment we spend at "labor" whether a surgeon or a sandwich maker , whether a carpenter or a counselor, a CEO of a large organization or a teacher of a kindergarten class, someone labors, rejoicing in their job and building up others and/or creating something new, something better. GOOD is visible.

Someone else leaves the day grumbling, back-biting, cheating, and ungrateful.  We've all labored with someone like that. Our job, our assignment in that?  Pray and build a relationship. That's how Jesus enters the labor force, through us. Model gratitude. Work to improve your surroundings. Be the Light. 

Today, we taught some special needs kids to grate carrots, developing and strengthening their fine motor skills. The result?  A sweet carrot cake.  All is GOOD and yummy too!  For these kids, there IS nothing better than to do GOOD and smile, rejoice in the task and receive the blessing of  the result of their labor. A simple task for some, a challenge for others.  

Many labor in need of daily encouragement. For them, Good is hard to see. The cancer spreads, the lay-off notice came, the accident...the divorce...the "fill in the blank." Discouragement lingers outside the cubicle,  fear waits in the parking lot. A lack of focus on the Good, leaves a void of any rejoicing for and in THE Problem Solver, the Burden Carrier.  Only a  bitter cup of coffee, and one that spills in in the lap,  feels hopeless.  Take a step back into the "training room." Find your "co-workers" and begin to believe in better days. Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and sit for awhile on break with the Lord in His Word. 

God tells us to rejoice in even these times. (James Chapter 1).  Endurance is the result, the Word says and for ourselves? We eventually become perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. God will hire you, a perfect candidate for His earthly duties, promote you for your job performance and attitude, use your story to bless others, and even in the hardest of laboring days, with our focus on Him, bring it all around for His glory. I know, this job seems impossible, but with God, all things ARE GOOD and POSSIBLE. 

Lord, help me to rejoice in my labor. All is GOOD in and through your economy Lord. Let others recognize You in their duties everyday and help me Lord to make You known in my own laboring and work. Lord, please help me NOT to grumble, fear or complain.  You know, I am guilty, if not with my mouth, definitely in my head. To You, it's all the same. Allow me to be a blessing, my labor a sweet success and all for Your GOOD and for Your glory. Lord, keep me rejoicing in all circumstances and laboring for Your kingdom. Strengethen me Lord until the day my labor is complete and may you say to me, "Well done, good and faithful servant."   Amen. 

Happy, Safe and Restful Labor Day Weekend.