Friday, December 12, 2014


I John 3:2 "Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we shall be. We know that, when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is."

Mary thought and prayed, as she beheld His glory, this precious baby, perfect in every way...YES every way, the result of a miraculous conception. God chose her to give birth to His Son, The promised Messiah.  He grew in her womb and now slept peacefully in her arms. We all love our children, yet she worshipped hers, literally!

Mary, the mother of God, Mary the child of God.

She did not know what God's plans were for Him. She simply obeyed, loved and nurtured her Child. She did not know she would watch Him live perfectly, preach with knowledge, conviction and passion, even at a young age. She would watch Him leave to start His ministry, stir up such controversy and dissension, draw crowds in the thousands, perform miracles, be betrayed. She never imagined she'd witness his suffering, his brutal death; that tears and gut-wretching weeping physically hurt.  She held Him close to her breast and He suckled to gather His strength. In this moment, and forever more, her strength came from Him.


Joseph considered, as he replayed the conversation Mary had with him. He loved her so much that even though he could not possibly understand this "change" in his plans...their plans, His love far outreached his disappointment. He'd take her somewhere, somewhere to protect her reputation. 

Now, he gazed down at this precious Child he just watched enter the world and He felt such love, such responsibility, such...unpreparedness. How in the world could he be a father of..."The Son of God?"  This is so confusing. 

Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. This Emmanuel, God With Us, living in his household!  He adored Him at that very moment. He wrapped another blanket around Mary's shoulders. He kneeled, bowing his head in awe and worship. Peace came upon Him. 

He understood why God chose Mary, but him? The dream, the shepherds, the Star, this stable, it all seemed like just one big dream, yet as he looked down again on this Perfect Child and saw Him just as He is, the chosen Messiah, the King, He knew Great Love and that he would be the son, the beloved of Him! He promised to God to start honoring this Baby by always honoring his wife, Mary. 



You are His children, His beloved. Look upon the Baby's face, the same bloody, torn, crowned-with thorns-face that took on the cruel crucifixion the world offered up to Him, because God So Loved this same world. Like Mary, like Joseph, we do not know all that we can be through Him. We can know though, His peace, His strength, and His Love. God wants from us to think on Him, pray to Him and consider Him in all that we do in and through this life. He is applicable and visible all around us, and soon enough, we shall see Him just as He is, Emmanuel, God With Us. 

Thank you Lord for the sweet baby Jesus, for the miraculous story of the Nativity and for the Promise of Hope. May we honor You in Word and Deed this Christmas and may You be seen in the hearts of those whom You call Beloved. Amen.  

Journal question, comment or thought:  How do you see the Christ Child?