Friday, December 12, 2014


I John 3:2 "Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we shall be. We know that, when He appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is."

Mary thought and prayed, as she beheld His glory, this precious baby, perfect in every way...YES every way, the result of a miraculous conception. God chose her to give birth to His Son, The promised Messiah.  He grew in her womb and now slept peacefully in her arms. We all love our children, yet she worshipped hers, literally!

Mary, the mother of God, Mary the child of God.

She did not know what God's plans were for Him. She simply obeyed, loved and nurtured her Child. She did not know she would watch Him live perfectly, preach with knowledge, conviction and passion, even at a young age. She would watch Him leave to start His ministry, stir up such controversy and dissension, draw crowds in the thousands, perform miracles, be betrayed. She never imagined she'd witness his suffering, his brutal death; that tears and gut-wretching weeping physically hurt.  She held Him close to her breast and He suckled to gather His strength. In this moment, and forever more, her strength came from Him.


Joseph considered, as he replayed the conversation Mary had with him. He loved her so much that even though he could not possibly understand this "change" in his plans...their plans, His love far outreached his disappointment. He'd take her somewhere, somewhere to protect her reputation. 

Now, he gazed down at this precious Child he just watched enter the world and He felt such love, such responsibility, such...unpreparedness. How in the world could he be a father of..."The Son of God?"  This is so confusing. 

Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. This Emmanuel, God With Us, living in his household!  He adored Him at that very moment. He wrapped another blanket around Mary's shoulders. He kneeled, bowing his head in awe and worship. Peace came upon Him. 

He understood why God chose Mary, but him? The dream, the shepherds, the Star, this stable, it all seemed like just one big dream, yet as he looked down again on this Perfect Child and saw Him just as He is, the chosen Messiah, the King, He knew Great Love and that he would be the son, the beloved of Him! He promised to God to start honoring this Baby by always honoring his wife, Mary. 



You are His children, His beloved. Look upon the Baby's face, the same bloody, torn, crowned-with thorns-face that took on the cruel crucifixion the world offered up to Him, because God So Loved this same world. Like Mary, like Joseph, we do not know all that we can be through Him. We can know though, His peace, His strength, and His Love. God wants from us to think on Him, pray to Him and consider Him in all that we do in and through this life. He is applicable and visible all around us, and soon enough, we shall see Him just as He is, Emmanuel, God With Us. 

Thank you Lord for the sweet baby Jesus, for the miraculous story of the Nativity and for the Promise of Hope. May we honor You in Word and Deed this Christmas and may You be seen in the hearts of those whom You call Beloved. Amen.  

Journal question, comment or thought:  How do you see the Christ Child? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

When Words Don't Work

Psalm 90:17 "And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; and do confirm for us the work of our hands; yes, confirm the work of our hands."

A student today:  "I met this kid from China at lunch and I was trying to explain to him what 'stuffing' was.  It was hard to explain. He just didn't get it."

Finding the right words sometimes to articulate or describe something totally foreign to another person, doesn't always lend itself to a clear visual. How would you tell someone about stuffing, because it sounds...well, less than appetizing. 

You take stale bread, cut it in cubes then mix in some celery and onions and stuff it into the crevices of a  foul...oh,  and maybe add some herbs.  

Even as a writer, I rely on tools to help me bring my sentences more energy, provoke a feeling in a paragraph, convince someone in a blog. 

Words, words, words--not the only thing that communicates. 

I'll bet if my student invited this new friend over for a taste, for a demonstration of the making of stuffing, he'd see it, taste it, understand its power on the palate and the desire for a second helping. 

Sometimes, our words don't communicate. Nothing makes any sense. Someone needs a visual, a hands on demonstration and a taste of what is good before a revelation occurs. 

---And that, just might require us putting our own words in action, a step into obedience, a trust of the unknown. No more words. 

The Lord Himself did just that. He demonstrated love, by becoming flesh, living and ministering for 33 years and then continuing His obedience and God's salvation plan by going to the rugged Cross. His own blood sets us free.  How can we place that visual, give that demonstration, bring someone to the "table of His grace" so that they too can "taste and see that the Lord is good?" 

In this season of giving, of charity, of meeting needs, I encourage you to not just say the words, write the words, repeat the words...but demonstrate, provide a visual, sharpen your tools for hands on communication of the power of Love. What once you thought stale, God transforms into minstry, not only revealing insight but inspiration for your own soul as well. 

Lord, thank you for all the opportunities You give us to serve, to bless You, to bless others. In that, we become the visible love of Your servant heart. Thank You Lord, for those that have blessed me with hands-on love as well as their kindness in words. You go before us. If You so desire for our actions or our words to go forth, we only have to be obedient and trust You in our doing. Lord, give us that trust, give us that desire to see the opportunities and/or create the way to be Your hands and Your feet in all that we do. Confirm the work of our hands Lord, to know You and make You known. Amen. 

Reflection: How are you preparing to give to others this holiday season or seasons past? How can you continue to use more than words in every season?  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kisses from Heaven.

I Peter 5:10 "And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you."

Writing a memoir about the journey through grief and healing, I find the experience of writing, recalling and reciting as spiritually affirming if not more so, than the remembered events and words I type out  in my word document. If I could begin to compare it to something, it's like walking into a very dark, lonely cave with a pen light only to have it transform into a Mag light, which leads into a beautiful cathedral, filled with stained glass windows and singing choirs of angels,  sunlit from up above. more thing, the angels sing to me while blowing kisses from Heaven.

Since the busyness of the school year and ministry started in September,  time to work on my chapters eludes me a bit. This week found me with 4 days off and I determined to spend some time with the keyboard, my memories and my work-in-progress. Sharing an important chapter this week with my writing group, I've been so blessed for their hearts to hear, to suggest, to seek to understand where my heart lies, then and now.  I found myself strolling through the cave-cathedral in both occasions and the beauty of these moments, overwhelms me.

The CATHEDRAL of His affirming plan in what I am writing, in what I am sharing in my writers' group; God confirms to me in such a miraculous way, a friend said, "how could anyone deny the Deity of Christ!"

The bond of the Lord through people, through experiences, does not leave one in a dark and lonely place of grief. God designed fellowship, whether for a few days or for a lifetime. When He orchestrates lives together, even in the hardest, most distressing of times, His grace and mercy etches into our hearts.  His light shines on it, and by writing, by retelling, God makes Himself known! That connection shines again. Nothing is coincidence!

Yes, I've left out the details here, and they just may be in another chapter towards the  end of my book. Just know, that I know, that God shows Himself in such wonderful ways when He communicates His love and affirmation. Read His Word, sing a psalm, write a prayer, tell a story. Expect Him to show you and when He does, the miracle continues.

I am in the process of writing about THE SUFFERING; in,  through and after.

The God of GRACE heals my heart.

I am sharing my writing with my writers group to PERFECT it.

God CONFIRMS me by orchestrating Incidences, His Word, His Creation, His People, to speak clearly in my preparation of this story.

In that, I receive STRENGTH to continue on, to give Him praise, to Glory in His Love for me!

I am ESTABLISHED  in His Will and empowered to keep pressing on towards the Promises of Hope!

Thank you Lord, for the work I am doing, for the confirmation in such intimate, personal ways that you gave me this week. For sending moments to me that prove your amazing, miraculous ways. I praise Your Name, Name above all Names as my Lord and Savior, the Giver of my strength and the author of my story.  I continue to proclaim your grace upon amazing grace. Amen.

Reflection for your own journal: Where have you seen a miraculous confirmation of God's will in your own life?

Friday, November 7, 2014

No Longer

II Corinthians 5: 15 "...and He died for all, that they who live should no longer live for themselves, but for him who died and rose again on their behalf." 

We sort of went the wrong way home from Chino Hills tonight, a little longer loop around the city. 

"That's OK, my husband says. We'll drive by the church and say hi!" 

It's Friday night. No one is there. 

We skirt around Peyton from Chino Hills Pkwy. and the property is dark. 

But Ted doesn't miss the opportunity. 

"Hi CVCC. See you on Sunday!"

I just smile and feel the blessing for a time existed when seeing or even stepping inside the church only happened for him on Easter and Christmas, maybe an Awana event. 

No longer.  

I liked reading poetry, great multi-chaptered novels and dabbled in my own rhymes, my own stories. I always took great notes. I kept a journal now and then.  Sometimes, my words spoke back to me and I felt God. 

No one will get this stuff. It's too personal. Maybe I'm just a crazy dreamer. 

"That's OK, the Lord says. Trust me and I'll do wonders."

I type out a few things, create a blog or two and I hit send. I enter a room in a library with other "aspiring writers" opening journals and sharing. I witness an amazing  community with other  "crazy dreamers" and God sits right in the center. 

I just smile and feel a blessing for a time existed when my heart felt heavy and my words messy, tripping along a very uncertain path. 

No longer.  


Thank you Lord for Your Resurrection and mine.  You are NO LONGER dead, but alive in me and through me. Never did You hold anything from me. Your sovereign plan allowed for times when I waited, I prayed, to find hope, and began to trust--a process of story, building up a faith and long-lasting joy in the outcome. No longer do I wonder if You are active in my life for You show Yourself everyday. Thank You, that I know that all things work together for Your glory. You Lord,  turn those "how much longer God?" moments into praises of glory, no longer doubting in Your plan. Help me to keep at it, no longer drifting as if unanchored. Show me everyday the way to press into Your plan in every thought and deed. Amen.  

Reflection for your journal: What is your "no longer?" praise to the Lord.  

Comments and sharing is encouraged.  Thank you.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Prep Time

Isaiah 40:3  A voice of one is calling: "In the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for God."

My son and I, working late into a Friday night, prepare the fruits, lay out the fish, chop up the onions to make cive'che, and continue to prepare for a big fish fry fundraiser planned for tomorrow evening. 

I went shopping. Setting things in order, scraps quickly go in the garbage. I wash dishes and put things away, leaving space, making the way clear for his handiwork with a knife.

Without proper preparation, chaos in the kitchen and a less than satisfactory result could be our outcome.   

Corey set me up with the task of  rolling the limes, slicing and squeezing. Who would know that these little gems of deliciousness together, supply so much juice?

I am following my son's lead, as he has done this before. 

When I shared the event with a friend today, she surprised me by asking if I needed plates and napkins; she would gladly drop them off in the morning for our event. What a blessing! 

Earlier preparation included extensive advertising and of course, several fishing trips to supply and inspire our event. 

We anticipate a fun and successful day. 

Have you prepared your heart for what God wants you to hear--what He wants to stir up in your walk with Him? 

Some of us need more prep time than others.  We don't see the clutter, the garbage in the way. 

Things remain frozen and what we've "caught"...we don't know what to do with. 

Maybe you've "left things out on the counter," always with a good intention, but how things spoil fast!  

Sometimes it takes someone whose experience teaches us how to take a step, encourage us in the right ways to prepare. We begin to read His Word and study to learn, spend more time in prayer, actually attend church and get involved. 

Other times, a blessing comes unexpectedly and we see the goodness of the Lord. It makes us yearn for more. Gratefulness prepares us again into humbleness and to recognize more of His grace.  

When He's touched us,  inspired by the Holy Spirit to grow, sharing comes natural and with God, we boldly tell our story and  anticipate with joy, all He has prepared for us. 

Jesus, He's all about preparation: "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also."

Clear what clutters, lay out your purchased heart before Him.  Allow Him to make you into a "gem of deliciousness," prepared to receive and serve all His goodness. 

Lord, thank you that you lead us into preparation for all you have for us. You show us, when we humble ourselves before you, where the clutter lies. You gather it and discard it, clearing the way for us to receive abundant life. The results are a bounty of Your goodness and wisdom from Your Word that continues to prepare us to walk everyday in Your light. What You prepare for us--indescribable!  Amen. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Of Hospice, Homecomings and His Peace.

Isaiah 26: 3-4a The steadfast of mind Thou wilt keep in perfect peace because he trusts in Thee. Trust in the Lord forever." 

Hospice made their welcome in our lives this week, attending to my father-in-law. Considering his age, health and stress of the last 10 years, he declines each week. Memory only of the moment we're in or of a past in the old country far away, we prepare for the next phase.  My mother-in-law struggles to accept anything, any help, any reality;  her mind rages in fear and distrust, she too with scattered thoughts, unable to reason--the ravages of dementia. She fights the system we put into place, without peace of mind or soul. Unfortunately, this could mean Hospice may move my father-in-law to a safer environment. We'll deal with that when it comes.

It's worn on us as well, but God, our strength-giver, lights our path.  We know in our heart that we want the best in comfort and care in these days, to lessen the friction, struggle and pain; to have above all else, their peace as well as our own peace of mind.


Homecoming at the school I work at,  happened this week. Manning the ticket gate on the opposing side, I partnered with a new person I never met face to face on campus.  She works as a secretary in the asst. principal's office and fairly new to our campus.  I'm not in that office very much.

 Full of personality, we hit it off right away and before the first kick-off, she knew a lot about me and visa-vera. We bonded quickly over a common heartache, the loss of a son. Attending Chino High in her youth, she also shared the same class as Tim, my son!

Most of the time, I am a storyteller, but to be a storyteller, you must also prepare yourself for listening as well. She told me right away, that the passing of her 2 day-old son had a story.  She began sharing a very personal journey with me. Just meeting, maybe an hour earlier, her story, both sad and miraculous, weaves a tapestry of strength, courage, forgiveness and a family bond that reaches into eternity. She is at peace.

Believing we were meant to work together (as she was called in at the last minute) and meet, that made me feel awesome! I hope one day with her permission, I can share her story. I love meeting new friends!

A little later, the security guard from the district came up to chat with us, and I recognized that face. Danny Q. attended school with Tim from K-12! I introduced Danny to my new friend Nicole, as they did not know each other in High School. Danny, called in to provide an extra amount of manpower, to keep the peace among the fans, parents and outsiders, smiled as he remembered his friend Timmy in younger days.

Nicole and I did a very good job keeping youngsters from wondering out of the gates. Once in, you stayed in. I hope that gives some parents peace of mind.

Last week, we celebrated Tim's birthday, our son who passed away 7 years ago. As we were leaving to drive up north for our 2nd day of celebration, I noticed the flower growing from the divide between the cement of the driveway and the slab of the garage. Funny how a seed falls and finds its way, when seemingly inpossible, to send down roots and thrive outside a comfort zone, a less than peaceful spot where cars zoom in and out and people walk. It did and indeed,  blooms!

Peace of mind. When our trust is anchored to the Creator, the Lord God Almighty, we can be assured of His peace, no matter what the circumstances. When we pay attention to His workings, His divine appointments, even His interventions, we can know His peace. When our heart is troubled for lost loved ones, overwhelmed with care of the obstinate and diseased, the depressed and the disabled, let not our hope fade in Jesus Christ, our provider of peace. He will give us a peace the world does not understand and the will to carry on. You can choose to be angry, fight the ones you love for control and ignore God, the maker and giver of Peace, or you can surrender, lean into Him and ask Him to show you the road towards peace, peace of mind, peace of soul. You make the choice.

Father, Giver and Ruler of all that is Peace, thank you for Hospice and for trained professionals that can take charge when all is weary; when words struggle to make sense. Thank you for divine appointments that turn into testimonies and for reminders of youthful days. Thank you for peace keepers and promises of peace. Help us Lord to be peacemakers and to honor You with our stories and our own miraculous Peace that passes understanding through our testimony of faith. Every good gift comes from above, from Your Spirit and Your blessings in our life when we put our trust in You. Amen.

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Milking It"

I Peter 2:2 " newborn babes long for the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect for salvation."

After a long summer of watching the full cycle of sunflowers bask in the sun, seeds germinate, sprout, grow tall and bud in color; roses open and petals fall, the reaping time is before us. So, I trim back a little, pull stuff up, gather seeds for next summer's garden. Left with a memory in a photo file of what was, what could be again next year.

 I only ask for grace and time to allow the work to continue.

As the season winds down, I recall the fulfillment of watching things grow and mature.  To see, learn and apply, to reach a full potential, I know it takes patience and caring, correct feeding and nurturing, attention to details and planning. There is a longing, a hope for more, for a strength to thrive, for a legacy to grow strong roots.

I only ask for grace and time to continue to live in the promise of another summer garden.

Purchasing several large pumpkins on our "Timmy weekend," trip to Ventura last September, a pumpkin seed, only one, found its way into the dirt by accident really, leaving the bottom of the fruit. Almost Christmas,  my son said, "Mom, time for the pumpkins to go away..."  I sat them in the back planter where my tomatoes usually grow, adding bright color to my dull winter garden. The insects took their toll and soon, they rotted.

I only ask for grace and time to continue to remember and tell my story.

Sprouting and winding through the garden, I hoped for a sign of fruit.  This week I thought whatever I had left in my garden might wither away in our oppressive heatwave, over 100 degrees for 5 days straight.  To my surprise, and in plain view,  a small rounded, green shape appeared to give me hope of a Thanksgiving treat.

I only ask for grace and time to watch it grow.

That was Monday and today, Friday at 3:15 a.m., another new beautiful hope for tomorrow was born, our great niece, Pepper Ann.  She's a tiny little precious bundle and beautiful. I see and know brand new life again, its sacredness, holiness,  and the love that nurtures it. In 6 days, we'll be celebrating a day when our own precious and beautiful bundle burst forth and planted himself deep in our hearts.

I only ask for grace and time to complete my purpose until we meet again.

Father God, giver of new life, what a gift and a joyous celebration it is today. In the respect to salvation, I thrive in hope. To not wither when the going gets tough is my strength in which I am grateful. I  sip...even guzzle in the sweet milk of Your Word. May it continue to fill my soul with satisfaction and wisdom. God, You are my sustenance, my sanctification in growth. To yield the fruit of the Spirit, I embrace all that You lavish on me and prepare me to be in You. I only ask for grace and time to admire the pumpkins and the pregancies, to delight in prodicals and pre-schoolers, to celebrate in the  power of promise. May my cup be full to the brim as I pour out and internalize more of the pure milk of your Word. Amen.

Friday, September 12, 2014

No Words

II Corinthians 9:15 "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 

As a co-leader in a unique ministry called Aspiring Writers' Forum, I anticipated our first class for the 6th season with immense gratitude and a humbling yet confidence-in-God- attitude, more than ever.  You see, my special friend and co-leader gracefully encourages me, reminds me, inspires me and anticipates right along side me. Because of her health issues and other obligations, I am taking on a few more responsibilities in the group. Glad to do it, I never want to see that seat empty next to me. We had over 22 sign-ups and 18 in attendance on Wednesday.

I organized the recruitment, wrote the first week's curriculum, typed up a roster,  corresponded in other e-mails with our ministry pastor,  sent out several e-mails, cleaned out last year's notebook and repacked for this year. I arrived a half hour early to enjoy a coffee and a little dinner, then greeted old friends and newbies to our group.

The first 45 minutes of class proceeded with introductions and business. The time finally arrived to get to the meat of the evening, "the journal question."  I wrote it out on Sunday after church--three days prior.  With everyone writing vigorously, collectively inspired...I sat pen scattering words that didn't gel, didn't have my voice, didn't convey something super spiritual, super devotiony....(Yes, I just made that word up).


With several brand new writers around the table, we began to share what we wrote and one by one, each piece spoke transparently and truthfully, and the Kleenex box took its active role on our table. Christ, who anchors our souls, and we, the chain on a link attached in grace to Him, unite in purpose. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

The reading is back around and upon me,  and I say..."I PASS."

And it is OK.

It was not stress. It was not lack of inspiration. It was not time. All I had on my heart that night was GRATITUDE.  My scrappy words could not possibly convey all that  brewed inside my head. How in the world do I get to do this...?

That's just it. It's not of this world. It is in a spiritual realm that only He, as a sovereign God,  purposed. I get to do this wonderful thing with twenty or so others spinning out sentences, plucking out prose and beginning blogs, dabbling in devotion writing and navigating through narratives, marching through manuscripts and memoirs--smashing the stereotype that writer's are lonely, troubled, isolated souls.


So, thank you Lord, for NOT giving me words at times. Thank You for just listening to my heart. Thank you Lord that the words and encouragement from others anchor me closer to the depths of your will. Thank you Lord for strength, discipline and eyes to see, ears to hear what You want to show me. Thank you Lord for the chains of love You have given to link me to serve You. What a great crew! Bon Voyage!  

Friday, September 5, 2014

"You Know What They Say About Assuming..."

Proverbs 4:13 "Take hold of instruction; do not let go. Guard her, for she is your life." 

This week, I found myself assuming. Even when I got called out on something I missed, I still assumed...(or maybe hoped) that someone might find pity in my predicament and let me slide. 

What made me think that I possibly might be an exception?  

I didn't read instructions. I didn't take care of business and I moved forward as if...

as if my good intentions, as if my desire, as if I deserved a reward, as if I was special...

My disregard caused my husband a disappointment as well. 


This wasn't anything too serious,  just something to learn from for next time, be humbled and smile at my lack of attentiveness. 

The irony of this whole business?  My husband pointed it out, the one who misses the details in such things and tends not to be the best organized at times.  Really?   

We made lemonade from sour lemons.  Ted scooped a big tablespoon of grace to sweeten the evening and all is forgiven.

The lesson learned: Instructions matter!  Assuming...?  Not an option. Taking time for the details and making connections the way things are purposed?   Well there is a reason for that.  

It's order vs. chaos.

Right vs. wrong.

Stress vs. calm.

Truth vs. false notions.

Saving vs. wasting 

Fulfillment vs. disappointment.

Heaven vs. separation from God. 

A little of my time would have made a big difference in our evening. Taking time with the Lord to seek His perfect Will means eternity...and that is time well spent! 

Jesus taught an important lesson in the book of Matthew. Some will do Facetime with the Lord, and find that their assumptions were not correct. God instructions, written in blood cannot be changed. Some never took in the whole truth, only gleaned bits of it. They did their own thing, assumed their  good intentions and good works were the requirements for eternity.

Matthew 7: 21 "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven. 
22: Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons and in Your name perform many miracles?' 
23: "And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness."

Lord,  I am sure, this might happen to me again. I might miss something,  assume I know. In my stubborn, busy, human condition, I must seek the truth and humbly be obedient to Your Word and Your call on my life. In this crazy world, it is not good to assume anything anymore. What I can know is that You love me, all things work together for Your good, and that You, as my Designer, wrote the  instructions for my life.  Help me Lord to take the time to listen to Your every Word and trust that You work out all the details, making my life sweet lemonade from the sourness of self. Thank you for Your grace, Amen. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Stuff!

II Chronicles 2: 5-6 "And the house which I am about to build will be great; for greater is our God than all the gods. But who is able to build a house for Him, for the heavens and the highest heavens cannot contain Him?..."

In the news, we've seen a lot of BIG things.

Surf's up in California and then some!  Early this week our local beaches brought every die hard dude ready to hang ten--only the experts brave enough,  and many spectators staying a safe distance with their cameras and toes dug in the deep sand.  Swells as large as 25' pounded our coastline. Gnarly!

Finding safe harbor down in San Pedro, near Los Angeles, an enormous (61') yellow vinyl ducky eases among the tall ships. Created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman,  she cruises the world hanging out for photos and selfies,  maybe hoping for some soap bubbles for her salty spa.  This just quacks me up!  

Did you hear about the baby born yesterday in China?

Just shy of 14lbs, this family's precious newborn made a huge entrance into the world!

Giant Panda Express!  

As big as some things get...and they do, God is bigger.

BIGGER than our bills, BIGGER than our job worries.

He is BIGGER than our cat scans and BIGGER than the results.

He is BIGGER than something unplanned and BIGGER than a plan gone wrong.

He is BIGGER than our fears yet personal enough to know us by name and see our heart's intentions from His heavenly realm.

His reach is endless, to infinity and beyond. His forgiveness of our sins stretches from the east to the west...forever.

He holds a big plan for you and me. Its construction began at the cross and continues to build towards eternity. All powerful,  wave after wave of His Holy Spirit washes us, refreshes us. Baptized in His love, we acknowledge Him before men as Lord and Savior. His promise is BIG, eternal life!

Lord, thank you for humbling me, for the privlege to worship you, in awe of how mighty and omniscient You are. Remind me Lord, when I begin to fret, that Your grace, Your provision, Your plan sees above my circumstances and that You remain always in control, big enough for my every need. Amen.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wait For It!

Psalm 130:5 "I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His Word, I do hope. 

My husband and I took a little trip last weekend. We traveled 3 and 1/2 hours through the desert in the evening time towards our destination. Taking some CD's along, we listened to a variety, but the last hour plus, "Mumford & Sons" serenaded us into our respite. My husband got a little bored of the same sort of sound but wanted to hear one particular song that he enjoys.

"Wait for it, Ted. It will come."

It did. The last song on the first album, which I reversed. We listened to the 2nd CD first.

Song title: "I Will Wait."

We go to check in the hotel, and playing on their MUZAK...

Mumford & Sons..."I Will Wait."

We laughed.

Last night I ran into a retail store to get some new sunglasses. I can't wait when I break mine, after all I live in sunny California.

While trying on different frames, guess what was playing in the store...?

Mumford & Sons, "I Will Wait."

I either listen to Christain radio when I write or turn on my worn CD player which holds 51 CD's. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it gets tired and quits.

Today it worked.

About the 4th song in out of 51 CD's, Mumford & Sons, "I Will Wait."

"I Will Wait"
Well, I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of dust
Which we've known
Will blow away with this new sun

But I'll kneel down,
Wait for now
And I'll kneel down,
Know my ground

And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

So break my step
And relent
Well, you forgave and I won't forget
Know what we've seen
And him with less
Now in some way shake the excess

'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

Now I'll be bold
As well as strong
And use my head alongside my heart
So tame my flesh
And fix my eyes
A tethered mind freed from the lies

And I'll kneel down,
Wait for now
I'll kneel down,
Know my ground

Raise my hands
Paint my spirit gold
And bow my head
Keep my heart slow

'Cause I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you
And I will wait, I will wait for you

There are somedays Lord, I wait patiently. Sometimes... Being diligent to listen to everything and discern.  Do I listen to everything? Me? Diligent? When the right time comes and the Words are for me, I will know it. Do I obey?  

You always confirm things again and again,  and encourage us in our walk through many insights and encouraging moments. 

In our quiet times, when we invite You to come into our earthly presence and guide us to see You move and reveal Your purpose, you never dissapoint. 

I dissapoint.  

I don't wait.  I act in my flesh and absorb the consequences. 

 Yet You Wait For Me catch up, shut up and fess up. 

You Lord, never give up. You just LOVE!  In Isaiah 30:18 Your words speak: "Therefore the Lord LONGS to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you." Thank you for that promise. Thank you for always forgiving and waiting for me to shuffle through some upbeat moments and a lot of sleepy-self moments that look and sound the same. I want every song in my heart to be a favorite, bringing You glory. I pray that what people hear and see from me in my encounters reflects You, especially in my personal spaces with family.  My hope awaits in You for Your Truth in my life and for that, I am in grateful. Amen. 

'Cause I will wait, I will wait for You
                                          And I will wait, I will wait for You
                                          And I will wait, I will wait for You
                                          And I will wait, I will wait for You