Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers

Psalms 30:11 You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing...

Just walking through my door after work, my Starbucks reward in hand, I noticed my Easter d├ęcor, still punctuating corners of my home, a few pink eggs here, a leaping bunny there—and I began to recollect this special month of April for me.  They always come fast, these 30-31 days in this stage of my life, but this month left marks on the calendar, marks I hope to remember well into eternity. 

April 7th, I sat before a crowd of women peers, unfolding a story of great loss and sadness, a story I had told in pieces, but the complete puzzle picture never articulated out in words all at once like this.  In such personal and loving ways, God ministered to my heart during that day and continued through that night and into the next week.  He once again validated his great mercy and grace towards me and showered me with such peace and a treasured gift.  Lord, I am so grateful.

When given an opportunity to encourage, even across a great ocean, my story and more importantly, my Lord brings this world to my keyboard as I chat to a young mother in fear and uncertainty about her own future and that of her child. Was I equipped to take on such a task? I pray my words gave her peace and led her to knowing Holy God in a more personal way. 

April brought such nice storms our way; lovely rain that we needed in a powerful thunderstorm one week and a refreshing tropical shower this week. The ground is soft and eager to receive the seeds for a late summer and fall harvest.

Oh, the Hope of the Resurrection!

Lord, as I pack up my silly bunnies and speckled eggs, I give you praise for the Eternal Spring that washes through my life. Though past April showers, dreary and dark drenched my soul, Your light evaporates the tears and finds me dancing in the rain of your hopeful promise. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Media Movement with a Mohawk

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. (NLV) 

So, what is it that caused me to pause, moved me this week?  Hmmm, as I pondered, thinking of this blog and its potential contents.  

Certainly, Dick Clark's passing brought back memories of mid morning Saturdays, copying the latest dance moves and listening...absorbing that LOUD NOISE better known as rock 'n roll. (I can hear my mother now, "TURN DOWN your Stereo!")

Or maybe I am inspired by Kim Kardashian's aspirations to be the mayor of Glendale, CA.


One media mogul, one "dra-media" creation.

I watched contestant Colton Dixon on American Idol voted out last night.  Certainly one of my favorites, (actually, I think they are all great this year), Colton's reputation as an outspoken Believer got some press.  Producers of the show actually asked him to "tone it  down."

So gracious in his exit last night, we watched him give Praise to his Lord in a song written by Lifehouse called "Everything", a song he sang  a few weeks back.  Postured on his knees,  Colton worshiped his Lord, standing and lifting his hands and inserting words that emphasized his passion.

The camera panned over to the contestants still in the running. Many mouthed the same words, a corporate worship.  God's got a plan for this young man, Mohawk haircut and all.  My CD player awaits your joyful noise Colton,  and I can assure you I will be turning it up loud.

Lord, thank you for young people today who are not ashamed of the Gospel. I thank you for music and all the ways it brings beauty and healing into my life, even the loud stuff.

" Everything"

Find me here, and speak to me 

I want to feel You, I need to hear You 

You are the light that's leading me to the place 

Where I find peace again 
You are the strength that keeps me walking 
You are the hope that keeps me trusting 
You are the life to my soul 
You are my purpose 
You're everything
And how can I stand here with You 
And not be moved by You
Would You tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms and you give me rest 

You hold me in your hands 

You won't let me fall 
You steal my heart and You take my breath away 
Would You take me in, take me deeper now 
And how can I stand here with You and not be moved by You
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this 
And how can I stand here with You and not be moved by You
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this 

Cause you're all I want, you're all I need 

You're everything, everything 

You're all I want 
You're all I need 
You're everything, everything 
You're all I want 
You're all I need 
You're everything, everything 
You're all I want 
You're all I need 
Everything, everything. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shock and Awe

Jeremiah 10:13 When He thunders, the waters in the heavens roar; He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth. He sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses.

Today, for a few hours, the rain came down in torrents, the thunder boomed right over head and lightning flashed.  In So. California, we don't experience this too often, and everyone gets quite excited.  By myself, I admit, the thunderous booms shook the house and made me a little nervous as well. 

What power!  

I am in awe. 

This week, I wanted to put away and store the collected words like raindrops, written in several  journals of some stormy days in my life. In that search and shuffle, God checked in and gave me an updated weather report.  The clouds parted, the Son shined bright into my heart and a rainbow appeared; a promise that He is faithful. He gave me a gift I thought to be washed away in the flood waters of lost memories.  

What power!

I remain in awe.

Thank you Lord for making your love for me so personal and so beautiful. Though the rain has subsided, it drenched the earth, soaking a soul ready to burst forth with blooms of inspiration and continued words to bring you glory. Amen.   

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Good Egg

Isaiah 1:18  "Come, llet us reason together."

EGGar, one of a dozen in his group, couldn't understand the EGGcitement of the others. Off in his own corner, he remained separated by his hard-boiled countenance. His eleven collEEGs, EGGhoed sentiment for their friend who was not so over-easy.

"Hey EGGar, come join us today. It's make-over week!"

"I'd rather be fried," EGGar cracked back.

"Oh, come on. It won't be as EGGcrutiating as you think."

EGGar, his friends continuing to EGG him on, broke a smile and decided to lay it all on the line. Maybe he could scramble some courage together and whip up a conversation with EGGerina. It seemed the time to break out of his shell.

Off they went, this dozen. One by one they took a dip into the pastel colors baptized in yellows, aquas, and lavenders. EGGar, his yolk feeling a little tossed, rolled on over toward EGGerina, blushing pink.

"Hello", he appoached her delicately. "That color looks very good on you."

"It's EGGzactly what I hoped for." she answered as she rolled up a little closer. "...and that yellow brings your sunny side up."

Together they left for the big outdoors, waiting in the tall grass to be discovered.  Placed in the same basket, Chocolate Bunny presided over the recipe, calling for the two to become one. Jelly bean witnesses sweetened the deal.

EGGar and EGGerina soon found their purpose. EGG salad sandwiches, delivered to the local homeless shelter, fed many in need. Lemon Meringue pie felt inspired by these two as he served beside them. No more EGGcuses; he would step out in faith as well.

Encouragement from your "carton of Grade A" buddies may just be the ingredient you need to lEGG-0 and let God, the EGGSpert and most EGGcellent authority on courage and purpose.

Lord, I cannot begin to thank you enough for this Season and for giving me a reason to pause today, this  Good Friday.  Jesus, you were  broken and spilled-out, sacrificed so that I may have life. May I live EGGarly for you in all that I do. Amen. 

(P.S. I am sure you know the spelling errors are made on purpose for this Eggcerpt. . But seriously, consider where you want to place all your eggs, hopefully they lay in a basket of faith).

Have a Blessed Easter Everyone!