Friday, September 7, 2012

Fallen Angel

Psalm 147: 3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. 

I live in So. California and we experience earthquakes.  This summer, we had several small tremors. Nothing too serious, the shakes create an instantaneous update to our Facebook status on where, when and how we "survived." On the news we'll be reminded to be "earthquake prepared" with water, flashlights, food for the pets, can openers, and batteries.  I confess, as many times as I thought about this, I collected the water and a few other things, and they haven't made it into the storage bin I actually bought. When the BIGGER ONE hits, I am going to be in trouble.

In one of these episodes this summer, an injury occured. A life or death decision.  Surgery became evident. Would "she" make it through?  How long in recovery?  Would rehab be successful?  She already went through this once. Would she even want to continue, as wounded as she was? 

Finding her last year in a box of stuff left over from several moves and disasters; her leg broken and missing, one arm detached, her smile gave me hope. I found some modeling clay and re-fashioned her limb. Then I collected some jute, stripped it down to a thread and successfully tied her shoulder in place. 

This time though,  her status was critical. Head trauma, and her wings? Well let's just say it was messy. 

Fallen Angel.  Something shook her world and she couldn't hold on.  Laying in pieces, I reached for her and gathered her up in my hands. I felt so sad for her.  

Yet she still held on to her belief.  

Her once severed arm brought her back to her purpose, smiling and encouraging me in my kitchen that even in brokenness, God restores for His purposes.  

Once, sometimes twice. Honestly? Always, because we fall often.  

What breaks us? Our sin,  the groans of the world. Whatever leaves us feeling unworthy, used up, ready to be discarded.  But that is not in God's plan.

Jesus finds us worthy to be saved. 

He'll mold us into His purpose, build us back up with the strength of His Word, and give us a renewed mind. 

LORD, I  PRAISE YOUR NAME.  My angel,  she's resting in a little safer place now. Her belief is strong and she smiles as she shows you her repairs to His Glory.  Amen. 


  1. I can relate to her so well, thanks my friend for a timely reminder.

  2. So beautiful! I love the observation that she still holds on to her belief. -- Lauren

  3. I've been the broken angel for quite some time. I have fallen many times and needed God to pick me up again and again. When I walk in my purpose I get encouraged and am able to encourage others. You are my friend and are part of my repairs. Repairs to His Glory. Thank you!