Friday, May 17, 2013

Grace Given, Grace Required

Romans 6:14 What then? Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace? By no means!

Two observations in the commute of life had me pondering this week.

Bicyclists, 15 or more, traveling in lanes of traffic as if they were of the “serious sort” of sport enthusiast pedaled a few cars in front of me, waiting in the left hand turning lane.  No spandex graced their bodies, no aerodynamic helmets fit their heads, no gleaming reflection from sculpted calf muscles pushed their bikes forward.  Oh, and their bikes?  Just your everyday garage sale-find 10 speeds. Young, diverse, street-wise appearance, —“West Side Story” on wheels. They held, staggered in the lane, ready and waiting for the light to signal green and pump up the hill. When that happened after patiently waiting, they exploded around the corner, at ease with the flow of cars, jockeying for position, in obedience and care of the rules of the road. (I wondered if they were from the reform school over the same hill and rewarded this pleasurable outing).
Every morning she glides by in her shiny Mercedes Benz, oblivious of the lane where others wait their turn, or disregarding THAT line, where one has to move with the flow. She waits for a small opening then cuts in at the front of the line, or even worse, continues straight to the signal and makes an illegal left hand turn from the right lane (meant to go straight) in front of the cars legally turning left into the school parking lot. Her way is unsafe, a violation of the rules, and renders us wide-eyed and appalled at her response to our attempt of informing her of this violation. (and we did that twice). 

“Well, I didn’t cause you and accident, so why do you care?”

One group enjoying the privledges of freedom and watching for the signals, staying in the correct lanes; another not wanting to give up what she thinks she deserves, parking her car facing outward for a quick getaway.

For right now, both of these scenarios enjoy the blessing of grace.  But sooner or later that Mercedes might get a little to close for comfort.  I really hope know one gets hurt, but her attitude makes me keep my distance.

Lord, I am grateful and thankful for your grace and I ask that you remind me always to remain humble in any blessing given to me. Freedom in grace does not mean freedom to disobey. We know you are a God that forgives but You are also a God who tells us that to whom much is given, much is required. Remind us when we stray out of Your lane and encourage us to be graceful and thoughtful to others.  Amen

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