Friday, July 5, 2013


Psalm 139:17 How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!

Boy,  if we could just get a few more minutes to think things out!  So many demands, so much noice,  distractions, and technology.  Events to ponder both worldwide and home town; post a comment on, check. Numbers to calculate,  stuff to organize and boards to "pin," check.  Bible Study to write up, text messages to answer, blog to write, check...

I think I'm doing a good job of thinking about God through all this.  My thoughts wander though, after all, I am made up of the same stuff as everyone...FLESH! 

A few weeks back, I visited a special place, a Chapel made of glass, built in a beautiful garden, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. One of the signs gave the hours it opened for "meditation." The small chapel exuded absolute beautiful architecture as we took in the structure and ambience between wedding ceremonies.   Many people lingered around, some sitting in the wooden pews, but mostly people were snapping pictures...Guilty. 

Wayfarer's Chapel, Rancho Palos Verde, CA 

I am thankful that God looks at the meditation of our hearts, not the "Holy" places where we may think God is waiting, lingering, settled. 

And what about God's meditation towards us?

Can you "meditate" on that for a minute? God, in His Heavenly Throne Room, meditating on YOU!  In the next verse, it says that His thoughts towards us are more numerous than the sands. 

If you're at the beach this summer, grab a handful. Watch it as it falls from your grasp, blowing in the breeze back to the shore it surrounds. Each grain represents a love thought to humanity from the Creator.  Incredible!  My moments can never add up, yet He is pleased  in any humble moment I can give Him. I can only ask to give Him more, to build a sandcastle of meditation in my heart and mind towards His Goodness. 

Lord, thank you that You, the Awesome God, my Creator and Redeemer think of me!  You knew my name when Mary lay you in the manger. You knew my name when You hung Your head and said "It is finished." You knew my name when You ascended to the pit of Hell and when You returned to Your Father. You knew my name when You rose from the grave and encouraged Your followers, resurrected! Your meditations towards us manifest themselves in the gift of the Holy Spirit.  "If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I awake, I am still with Thee." Amen.   


  1. Love the chapel and meditating along with you!

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