Saturday, March 29, 2014

In Preparation

Luke 21:36 "But keep on alert at all times, praying in order that you may have strength
 to escape all those things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man."

This week it was my high school's year to present the full assembly, "Every 15 Minutes." A re-enactment of an alcohol-caused collision involving our own students before their Prom night, it involves several agencies cooperating to pull this off. MADD/SADD, Chino Hills Sheriff, the school district, city officials and local hospital staff, work to give a visual, a warning, a chance to think about the consequences of drinking and driving. The major street through town, which happens to run right in front of the high school, is closed down. The props of wrecked cars and the re-enactors proceed to give us a scary and potential view of "what could happen." "Grim Reapers" walk around the site and in front of the grandstands of juniors and seniors watching. One of the girls in her prom dress is placed on a gurney, the sheet pulled over her head. Her prom date receives a field sobriety test. A helicopter lands across the street to whisk away the injured. Day two, a memorial assembly, "funeral" for the student "killed."

It's only a re-enactment, hopefully a sobering one.

In the last few weeks California has experienced what Californians know is an everyday potential occurance, earthquakes.  We've had several in the last 24 hours as I type this. Earthquake drills at school and emergency plans are set up. There will be a rush to big box stores to get  more earthquake kits put together and purchases of extra bottled water. Throw those tennis shoes in the trunk of the car, you might have to walk amongst broken glass if you're away from home. Did you feel it?"...and the posts pop up frequently for local facebook friends.

5.1, 4.4...3.0.  They are small tremors; nerve-racking, yes. Japan's quake in 2011 was 9.0

In the first paragraph, there is a responsibility to make a choice not to drink and drive. We can be proactive in taking keys, calling a taxi, being a designated driver. In the second scenario, we can be prepared, try not to panic, work in safe buildings, know how to turn off the gas, move out of California.

We can do all the right things, and still get hit by a drunk driver, or have the walls tumble down around us.

We can be in plane that flys off course
Under a mountain that slides.
In a doctor's office when bad news is presented.
At the receiving end of a pink slip.

There are things we cannot control.

God tells us to prepare, prepare our hearts, our lives. While we can do the tangible, practical things to be safe, be smart, protect ourselves, God is and always will be our first responder when we put our trust in Him.

There is no one that cannot escape every bad thing. When your heart belongs to God, your eternal preparation is done. Accepting the truth that you need retrofitting by the Holy Spirit, that your life requires a designated driver everyday, is how in this uncertainty in life, we can have the promise of hope and peace. God prepares His Goodness for us today and for always.

 Lord, help me to be proactive in my watching and waiting. Instruct me through Your Word,  in my need to contol things, to let you have the wheel, to allow you to fill me with the things that work together to prepare my heart for Your will. Thank you for your protection. Everything is OK. In the end, I know You always work things out. Help me Lord to re-enact my trust in You; that it is a natural response, a testimony to others. Guide the way in my prayers for my loved ones to prepare their own hearts for your Truth. Amen.

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  1. Amen!
    God is soooooo present in every aspect of my life....that is why there is perfect calm in me most of the time because I know my Savior always has my back. :)
    When chaos exists God is ever present!