Friday, September 12, 2014

No Words

II Corinthians 9:15 "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 

As a co-leader in a unique ministry called Aspiring Writers' Forum, I anticipated our first class for the 6th season with immense gratitude and a humbling yet confidence-in-God- attitude, more than ever.  You see, my special friend and co-leader gracefully encourages me, reminds me, inspires me and anticipates right along side me. Because of her health issues and other obligations, I am taking on a few more responsibilities in the group. Glad to do it, I never want to see that seat empty next to me. We had over 22 sign-ups and 18 in attendance on Wednesday.

I organized the recruitment, wrote the first week's curriculum, typed up a roster,  corresponded in other e-mails with our ministry pastor,  sent out several e-mails, cleaned out last year's notebook and repacked for this year. I arrived a half hour early to enjoy a coffee and a little dinner, then greeted old friends and newbies to our group.

The first 45 minutes of class proceeded with introductions and business. The time finally arrived to get to the meat of the evening, "the journal question."  I wrote it out on Sunday after church--three days prior.  With everyone writing vigorously, collectively inspired...I sat pen scattering words that didn't gel, didn't have my voice, didn't convey something super spiritual, super devotiony....(Yes, I just made that word up).


With several brand new writers around the table, we began to share what we wrote and one by one, each piece spoke transparently and truthfully, and the Kleenex box took its active role on our table. Christ, who anchors our souls, and we, the chain on a link attached in grace to Him, unite in purpose. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

The reading is back around and upon me,  and I say..."I PASS."

And it is OK.

It was not stress. It was not lack of inspiration. It was not time. All I had on my heart that night was GRATITUDE.  My scrappy words could not possibly convey all that  brewed inside my head. How in the world do I get to do this...?

That's just it. It's not of this world. It is in a spiritual realm that only He, as a sovereign God,  purposed. I get to do this wonderful thing with twenty or so others spinning out sentences, plucking out prose and beginning blogs, dabbling in devotion writing and navigating through narratives, marching through manuscripts and memoirs--smashing the stereotype that writer's are lonely, troubled, isolated souls.


So, thank you Lord, for NOT giving me words at times. Thank You for just listening to my heart. Thank you Lord that the words and encouragement from others anchor me closer to the depths of your will. Thank you Lord for strength, discipline and eyes to see, ears to hear what You want to show me. Thank you Lord for the chains of love You have given to link me to serve You. What a great crew! Bon Voyage!  


  1. Anchored in the chains of love for a special friend and a special ministry! Wonder what will be happening when we reach Year 12?

  2. What a great post--have been there feeling what you expressed so well.