Friday, May 29, 2015

A "Rewarding" Career.

Revelation 3:8  "I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have little power, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name." 

As an instructional aide for high school special ed., there are a variety of opportunities I get to participate in and create myself,  to better prepare our students. My job is rewarding and fun, and I have the liberty to be creative, using the talents and skills God gave me to encourage and help our students. Today, I did just that in three different ways. 

My 1st period class is Work Studies. All year, the lessons taught and the portfolio the kids put together,  prepares them for self-advocating as well as filling out applications, creating an account they can keep and update forever on a job search site, learn about different employment opportunities and the programs available to help them within the spectrum of their disabilities, what the expectations are in the job market, and of course setting goals. Today, I participated in a mock panel, calling in each student who hopefully  "prepared" himself/herself  for a job interview/final. We asked the student a set of 7 questions relating to their job interests. A critique of their performance will encourage them for the real thing, our hope and goal. We looked for things like a prepared and updated resume', eye contact, a little more elaboration on the questions and enthusiasm. 

Of the 5 kids in today's interview, I am happy to say they all took it seriously and did the best they could to impress us and get their "foot in the door." 

For me, it was fun pretending to be someone with "hiring power." 

For my 2nd period class, Psychology, a general ed class, the kids are preparing for their final. I have a student in the class who I assist, modifying his work. So, I prepared a "test" for him to take on the day of finals.  I know what he is capable of yet I also want him to use the best of his abilities to accomplish this assessment. When I see him moving ahead without a prompt, this is great progress!  

In our 3rd period Economic class, the kids have a "stock project." For 15 days, we've been following our chosen stocks, learning about buying shares and dividends, banks and investing, companies and profits, futures and paychecks. The kids all have smart phones now; in an instant they can pull up their market and check the price. 

Yes, I picked a few stocks too, and it's been fun pretending to be "wealthy, invested,  diversified..."

God doesn't have to "interview" us. He already knows our background. At the Cross, we received an "entry level" position when we first believed. God then gives us all the tools and training we need to work through this life. Blessings "raise" our trust in Him and along the way we receive many promotions. He makes it easy to make "eye-contact" for it is looking right at the purest of Love. His retirement package is heavenly, a promised eternal bonus. I'm grateful that He is my BOSS. 

While serving him, we most definitely receive a lot of tests, some we may even fail, but God never fails us! He knows what we are capable of and He accommodates us with His Holy Spirit, a prompter and encourager towards the righteousness, the right answers...wisdom. His teaching for us is individualized. We just need to show up to class and have the desire to learn. Yes, some days are better, some days it's over our heads, but God is available after school, actually 24-7. 

I may have little riches, but God invested His all for me. My return is life, abundant life everlasting. God's "shares" are priceless. He asks only that we split our stock and share Him with others. I don't plan on selling, but holding on for the long-haul. In that I can see His diversification in His many ways He makes Himself known. I am not of this world, but my account is full. 

Lord, thank you for your Open Door. In my weakness, You are made strong and I am HIRED with the Most High! Your tests encourage me, teach me, lead me to intimate prayer and fellowship, help me to see Your strength and encourage others when I can share and write about Your goodness to me. Thank you Lord for investing Your Son for my Eternal Portfolio. I will keep Your Word and will not deny Your Name, CEO of my heart. Amen.  

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  1. Well, this could definitely be a "mini book". Or, maybe it's the outline for a big book? Loved every thought, every word; so much to digest.