Friday, July 24, 2015

The Middle Man and the Mediator

I Timothy 2:5-6  "For there is one God, and one Mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony borne at the proper time." 

Last week I attended our annual All Class Picnic. As usual, lots of pictures post up on social media for others unable to attend.  Our football coach, though feeble and elderly attended again this year. I received a message from our football team's quarterback. "Can you get Coach's information? I'd love to talk with him."  So, I started the process of e-mailing a few people and attempting the reconnection. My e-mail went from one person, to another person, than back to me, than back to my friend and now we wait. Seems I had the job of a middle-man.  I am anxious to hear of their reunion.

A pond takes shape in our backyard, the project assigned to my son. He started to dig, then a rain storm hit for two days. Work and "other things" have slowed the progress, but he promises that this project will be completed by the time I start back to work in September. He "hired" the neighbor kid to dig, and indeed he did. Ethan, with pic and shovel maneuvered around the roots of a tree and lowered the hole the 3' required, ready for the next phase. I know my son did not enjoy the digging part, so he delegated the task to a "needing-some-cash-flow" teenager, accomplishing the job.

One of my dearest friends left the country, going down south where her missionary sister lives to celebrate their mother's 80th birthday. We pray for each other, specifically our children, in a group of praying moms I created called OFFSPRING. Late at night, I received a text from her to send out a prayer request to our group from her, which I did this morning. Once again, a conduit of connection on another person's behalf.

A reunion of a quarterback with his coach; memories received.
A delegation of a job involving two; a ripple effect
A prayer sent out by one-- to one, then connecting to others; "purposed planned parenthood."

We become a representation for a connection, a task, a need.

Sometimes, the most delicious part of the meal is the side dish. Sometimes, the best book you've ever read, you found for .05 at garage sale. Sometimes, the best job may not be the teacher with the credentials, but the aide who works one on one with a student through his schooling, the reward-- exponential.

The devil wants to make us feel insignificant, lacking in true power, unable to produce change in this world. Yet, we see amazing good things happen all the time if we look around us. I know a lot of humble people play a part behind the scenes. Connections are made and a couple of young brothers go to Africa to serve as missionaries for the summer. A Roman soldier delegated... and a Cross proceeded up a hill, someone asks one person to pray and many pray; a healing occurs, a debt is met, a job opens up, -- a heart is encouraged.

If we are the middleman, so what! That's good--that we delegated and the job gets done! Corporate prayer focus is off us and onto others!  God orchestrates many roles and many actions. We all play an important part. At times, I  prefer the middle ground, its where I feel comfortable. We don't always have to be the leaders, be on the committee, or make a headline.  In those quieter, behind the scenes sort of deals, that's when we can watch, wait and see God move.

In the book of Job, we find him in need of a middleman. Job 9:33 "There is no umpire between us, who may lay his hand upon us both."

Jesus Christ is OUR middleman, our reconnection to the Father. God delegated His only Son to do a job no one could do, only God, through His Son, the redeeming work is completed. He bore our  sin, and when we acknowledge that price He paid, He buries our iniquities forever, replacing it with a baptism pool of grace. Jesus, our mediator, our umpire in this game of life, You are the Eternal One. Everything works together for His good in the Kingdom, whatever our role in it is on any given day, at the proper time.

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to serve you as a middle man, a side liner, for the second chances. These are the times I see You brightly, miraculously, glorified. Thank you Lord for being my Mediator, for Your Holy Spirit who interprets and sends out the prayers of the Saints. Thank you Lord for delegating angels to protect us and minister to us. Help me to be the best representative I can be for You as I stand back and watch You at work.  Keep me, keep us humble Lord in all our doings. Thank you Lord, for coaching us and may we always come back to praise You for all Your mighty direction in our lives. Amen.


  1. Thank you for this post. I found it spoke to me right now as I wait the middle men too approve our home loan so that we can move to our ne home.

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