Friday, June 8, 2012

Image Makers

 Genesis 1:27...In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

The Yearbook debuts today and the seniors possess first dibs.  Eating lunch with my usual English Department bunch, one teacher seemed particularly perturbed about some of the content.
“The kids are asking me about this quote under my staff picture.  It is some very random quote from Shakespeare that makes no sense at all and then on top of that, they have me calling him ‘Billy the Bard!’  I would never do that. Its one thing if this were in a throw away newspaper, but this is in the yearbook—in print forever! I am so mad!”

Another colleague, with some empathy states, “Well at least you got a whole paragraph.  They only had me reciting one word!”

Two teachers represented in a yearbook; one with a wrongly attached quote of no known significance and the other, an understatement of her passions. 

What is your identity, your captioned tagline?  If you were misquoted, would you recognize it? If you were seen as less enthusiastic about something you really had a passion for, would it bother you?

Life is filled with many wishy-washy people, half truths, misquotes and mediocrity, compromise and false assumptions. Take a stand, be empowered by your passion, rise above the crowd, and label yourself with truth; know what you believe.

Lord, as I continue to walk this road of sanctification, may I truly be seen as one not of this world, but set apart, as your representative, pictured in your Book of Life and captioned as a True Believer, a scholar of Truth.  Amen.


Note: Originally titled: "Identity Theft," this is an archived devotion, one I wrote last year before creating this   site. This year, the yearbook missed a whole group of us, my colleagues, instructional aides. Both individually and in teamwork, we strive for a common goal, the success of our students and I know we are appreciated. The yearbook is a huge undertaking and bloopers are bound to happen. I am at peace to know that God doesn't need a yearbook to remember my commitment. 

 If I handed Jesus my yearbook to write in, what would He say to me? 

--YOLO...(You Only Live Once).

..don't think so.  

How 'bout this one kids:

 DORO-EL. (Died Once, Resurrected Once, Eternal Life). 
You are really cool,
 I know, I made you.  Peace I give, I Love You, JC. 


  1. Love it, Coleene! Very well said!

  2. Thought provoking and inspirational!

  3. I kept thinking about how we aspire to put things in print BECAUSE it will be there for posterity, and how we must be careful with what we put out there. This just proves the point. Well said, Coleene!