Friday, October 5, 2012

I Am Petrified!

Luke 19:40 NASB

 But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!”

 I visited the Petrified Forest in Arizona this summer.  An amazing geological phenomena, the forces and elements of nature allow something of limited time to become eternal.

What happens in this process?  A volcanic eruption resulting in layers and layers of hot ash containing silicates mixed with water, cover the trees and infuse into their cells. A change begins to take place.  Before the tree disintegrates, the cells remain the same shape but change in composition by crystallizing.  The tree, though looking like a tree is now a solid "rock," a beautifully patterned, multi-colored specimen; an old life takes on new identity.

Thinking of the word "petrified" Does a negative connotation define this word?

Something like:  "SCARED STIFF"

                                                        "FROZEN IN FEAR"


Spiritually speaking, let's compare the process to sanctification of a believer.  God's spirit erupts in our hearts. Combined with His covering of the ashes of forgiveness and the washing away of our sin--a  change happens. Our old sinful cells (selves) transform into new matter and God the Creator gives us a  defining hope and purpose.

Promised:  "SOLID AS A ROCK"

                                                       "MADE NEW"


Lord God,  the wonders of your creation never cease to point towards your existence. Help me to remain humble and allow my cells to feel your presence. Transform me, remake me, to give you glory. Amen


  1. This post is solid, I felt transformed just reading it. God's amazing creation truly speaks to us of His majesty. They reveal His perfect design. Thank you for these wonderful pictures and words of truth and wisdom.

  2. Love this analogy, finding God in petrified trees just shows how you can find Him everywhere if you open your eyes. Thanks for the reminder!