Friday, January 18, 2013

Warming Trend

Ezekiel  36:26(NIV)  I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone (cold) and give you a heart of flesh.

Brrrrrrrrrrr!  Hovering over the Southland for several days, bone-chilling dry air, encouraged by a breeze, brought the temps down to below freezing in some areas at night; rising only slightly for daytime activities. Unless you live in the desert or mountains, we "valley-ites" shivered while we tried to figure out how to remove the layer of ice off our windshield. 

While my feet tend to get cold first no matter how many pairs of socks I roll on, my skin really suffers. Worse than an itch,  it tightens and burns and becomes very uncomfortable.  My normal routine finds me lathering lotion typically, but in this weather the care needed for my skin may possibly require a special lotion and more applications during the day. That's an effort! 

Do you ever feel your spiritual life suffering a cold snap? 

It blows in under cover of darkness.

Relationships wither.

Heart blood slows, arteries freeze. 

Layered, the hoodie is pulled up. 

Hands stay inside our pockets; hugging ourselves so tight, we forget that warmth comes from fellowship with one another. 

Our fear keeps us from returning to a warm House of Worship, picturing the black ice we might have slipped on at another time.

Our spiritual gifts lie buried under the perma-frost.  God, can you just plug in a giant blow-dryer from heaven and melt this "season?" 

Our skin longs for the moisturizing healing of The Word of God. 

Step inside my friend,  come close to the Fire.

Stay awhile.

Shed your layers and apply the Word, let it absorb into your skin-soul.

Cuddle-up and raise your praise to the wind.

Let it carry to the Heavens where the Son longs to fill you with warmth from the inside out. 

Keep that Fire stoked. There's lot of firewood where that came from.  

Spring awaits. Let's pray for the Holy Spirit to bring us an early thaw. 

Heavenly Father, I thank you that Your Word warms me with hope. Fellowship and purpose keeps my feet moving and blood circulating. When my heartbeat seems slow, I know that spending time in meditation, clears the ice from my path. Lavish and lather me with your love,  your grace, the perfect lotion for the Winter blues. Amen. 


  1. This is a good way to see what missing in ones spiritual life, well written fun to read.

  2. Been there, done that! Great insights, Coleene!