Friday, January 11, 2013

"Light Switch"

John 12:36 "Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light."

Did you receive some cool gifts this Christmas? I received two similar gifts from two different friends I really like.  In fact, I think sharing them with you today seems like a good idea!

Flameless candles. Turning upside down, move the switch to “on”, and the light begins giving a soft glow, flame-like, without the worry of wax melting down onto your tablecloth or forgetting to blow out the flame and leaving the house.

The first one I put in my front windowsill. After cleaning up Christmas decorations, packing it up just didn’t seem right. I enjoyed the ambience and mood it gave to my front room. It came from our friend Eileen who shares the same heartache, the loss of her adult son from an accident a few years back.

The second one arrived just this week, coming from my east coast best friend, Diane. Her unique, thoughtful gifts always display a love of vintage Americana or something hand- crafted. This year, a “burnt marshmallow” flameless candle arrived, which cleverly, once  switched on, remains on for 5 hours then switches off, only to automatically switch back on the next day.  That initial “switching-on” sets a timer for it to carry on its purpose.

One candle glows to remind me of everlasting life. Though two loved “flames” came to an early than ever hoped for end to earthly life, we continue to keep a hope burning in our hearts, knowing that one day, a reunion awaits us in a bright and beautiful eternity. 

The other candle reminds me of this life. Despite the world’s harshness and disappointment, God’s toasty-sweetness of promise fills me as I wait to take a “bite” everyday. Counting on His timing once I’ve pushed the switch in my heart to “on”, God always provides a way for me to see in my darkest hours. 

The reflection, magnificent, unique, beautiful and purposeful--gifts that keeps giving.

If I want the glow to continue, I must keep them energized, powered up. I will need supplies and effort to do that. That’s certainly not hard, for the directions are easily accessible and I am just blessed with friends who won't let me go "dim" for long!   

Lord, You came into this world to be our Light, to be THE Light of the world. I ask that the flame of your will for my life keeps burning with strength and a desire for obedience and willingness to be a light myself in whatever I do and say.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.  



  1. Very illuminating my friend! Love the analogies you draw!

  2. Enjoyed this, Coleene! Your faith inspires me and I love that your writing has a kind of whimsical feel to it! Always makes me smile and ponder . . .

  3. Coleene, finally...caught up with your Friday Footnotes "Light Switch". You have such a way with words...the emotions detailed in every one that brings the visual to the forefront of our mind's eye. I love how you worked my "burnt marshmellow candle" & your other friend's into your story and the meaning these 2 "lights" have for you. May God's light always shine a path of love, joy, hope & healing and may we always be in each other's "bright spot". Your BFF, Diane love you.