Friday, February 1, 2013

Etched and Written

Psalm 139:16 Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book...

Who had an Etch-a-Sketch when they were a kid? A toy by Ohio arts, the red case held an almost computer-like screen, two dials like a radio or T.V. that turned in any direction to manipulate a line and create a drawing. Although very linear, sometimes with patience and talent, one might get the lines to curve ever so slightly. 

If you messed up, that became an easy fix. Shake it and the picture disappeared. A new blank slate on which to try again, resume your controlled turns, decide whether to go right or left, up or down, moved with little effort.

The inventor, Andres Cassagnes died in France on January 16th. His invention put Ohio Arts on the map and inspired many future architects.

While accompanying my student to his new drama class, the instructor kept repeating to the busy, full class, “Hurry and find your script, pick out your script!”

Can we create who we want to be; turn the dials to the left, to the right, somewhere in the middle and be happy with what appears? Or do we continue to shake it and try a new style, go a different direction, Let someone else control the “lines.”

How has our life been scripted? Is it a drama, a comedy, an inspirational love story? Are there a lot of characters or is it a one-act play? Do we rehearse our lines or do we know what to say, how to act? Will there be a standing ovation, the lights of Broadway, and a great review?

If I think of my life in Christ on an Etch-a-sketch, It only took one shake of the screen to erase my mess up.  When I asked God for forgiveness, when I believed, he erased all my wrong direction lines, both the ones I drew in the past and the ones I would draw in the future. As long as I hold the screen of my life up to him and allow his direction of my movements, the picture that is created promises to be detailed and an accurate depiction of not only who I am but who my creator is as well. Mona Lisa? No way! character, growth lines and shadows all play a part in the whole picture and God sees it as beauty. There are times when the lines seem to go off the page, reverse. That is when i look down and my hands are holding too tight on the knobs. as the saying goes, "Let Go, Let God." 

The script? I hope it is seen as a love story, one with both comedy and drama, a script many can relate to. I hope it stays unpredictable but with trust, knowing it promises to be encouraging story, all to the glory of the director. I share the billing with many talented players, some of us going through acting school together. The show never closes. One thing I do know, the sequels go on for eternity.

Lord, everyday I need your direction in my life, your wisdom for the picture of who you want me to be. You know the script. I ask never to be an understudy; to be ready with your words scripted on to my heart. Amen.


  1. Somone commented: "Why not an understudy?" It gave me pause to rethink that word. This is my response:

    I meant that word to be used as if God prepared me for a purpose but I was not obedient in following His lead. If I see it as a "wingman" for someone else, then Yes...Lord, let me be the prop guy, all to His glory.

  2. I thank God that the picture He paints with our lives is far more interested than what we mere mortals can generate, whether we are busy twisting the knobs of our life or not. I enjoyed this post

  3. Amen Doug. Thanks for the comment.