Friday, June 14, 2013

Raise Your Banner

Song of Solomon 2:4 Let him lead me to the banquet hall, and let his banner over me be love.

Today is Flag Day. You can go the website below and read for yourself the history of this day. Our Stars and Stripes symbolize and bring great emotion to many across this great land. It represents triumph over foes, courage, patriotism, rememberance and celebration. Every state is represented by each star and the 13 stripes represent the Colonies and the struggles and resolve of this country's forefathers to form a united nation under God. 

Latley we've seen it raised at Ground Zero, covered coffins of our fallen heroes, and found in the rubble of hurricanes and tornadoes. Despite a sorrowful time, the flag represents a will to survive, to conquer our fear, a brotherhood that we as Americans are in this together and will rise up again, always.  And we do.


Our Heavenly Father has a banner, a flag over us as his children.  It represents His love, His protection, His sovereignty. The colors are magnificent and it shines in the darkest places. It is unburnable and indestructible.  It promises us strength through our battles, conquest over our fears and celebration in our blessings. 

Raise up your American Flag to honor our country. 

Raise up your banner for the Lord to proclaim His goodness, His promises that His love carries us through and to testify His unwavering grace. 

Father, thank you for the Red, White and Blue. Freedom is precious and may I never take it for granted. For those soldiers, living under our flag in a foreign desert or anywhere away from family and friends, bring peace and remind them of home and Your love as they gaze on the American flag. Thank you for your Love banner over me and my household. May it bring peace in my words and deeds to Your glory, Amen God Bless America. 

History of Flag Day:

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  1. I like how you bring both the flag and love banner together! Nice post.