Friday, November 1, 2013

King-Size Goodness

Psalm 119: 103 "How sweet are Thy words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!"

Yesterday, Halloween crept onto the calendar page; October 31st lit up our pumpkin's carved up smiles and filled up bags with sugary delight and the utterance of...

Sweets or Threats!  

Yep, we teach our little ones to say it...TRICK or TREAT?  

So whatcha got?  My bag is open, I'm expecting something and it better be good and it better be what I like and big and...

How many spotted the BIG KIDS at your door, more than the adorable cutie pies? 

It's not hard. They may cover their face with a mask but we know because they are tall, self assured with their thrusting-open bag,  and quick-to-make-an-exit to the next house.  

Today, in a class survey, the question of last nights escapades came up. "

"Did you go out and where did you go?"

Yes, the high schoolers I work with went out. They go to a specific gated community that is known for giving out FULL-SIZE candy bars and FULL SIZE fun.  

The thing is, some were complaining that this particular gated community, known for its mansions and high-end lifestyles, "closed shop" at 8:00p.m!    

We're done, Good night! See you in another year. Close the gate. Turn out the lights! 

When we come to the Lord's door, we come humbled.  He lit the way with His sovereign grace and we followed the path. Some of us come with parents, some with friends, some brave it alone. 

With a gentle knock, He is waiting and ready to give us the desires of our heart and of course, the Big Size of Blessings, no doubt. 

What does your treat bag look like?

Do you stand shyly with a small paper bag or do you have the KING-sized pillow case anxious for all He wants to give you?  

God knows the face behind the mask. He knows what's been stuffed into a costume, what props we use to pretend we have authority, control in our life.  He knows our hidden monsters, our demons and what gives us bad dreams and anxiety. His blood  washes our fears away for He conquered death. Stop living as a zombie. Enter His gates which never close, never lock up or lock out. 

He's waiting for you to ring the bell of forgiveness, and He's already picked out what he wants to put into your treat bag, the Fruits of the Spirit!  

 Mr. GoodBar- GOD, He melts hearts, and then uses our hands for His purpose.  Come,  taste the rainbow of His promises. He is the Creator of the Milky Way and the Starbursts.  His grace gives us a break from our sin even when we feel like a nut and even when we don't. The Holy Spirit refreshes us with the sensation of His Love. We are the apple of His eye and His Words are sweeter than the 'Bit O  Honey to our mouth. Come to God on any day of the week, and that day becomes our Pay Day.  We can be assured that mounds of  treats await us. God does not snicker at us but delights in us. We cannot trick God. Whether big or small, creepy or cute, funny or freaky, the Lord wants us all to knock and enter His Gates for an eternal Harvest Celebration. 

Thank you Father God for waiting by the door and filling my heart with your goodness when I took the step of faith and knocked.  Your sweet salvation assures my soul and satisfies what I crave. May I dump the bag of Your goodness at the feet of others and always have the desire to share.  Thank you for angel butterflies (my friends) who give candy kisses in my life. Your "candy bowl" is endless and I will never get a cavity!  Amen. 


  1. Way to think inside the bag Coleene . . . loved this!

  2. Sweet post with plenty of honey for all. Fun take on an unusual holiday!

    1. Nice comments are the sprinkles on top of my writing!