Friday, February 28, 2014

Evidence Remains

Romans 6:4 "Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death in order that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life." 

I am a teacher's aide for special education at my local high school. My job requires assisting a young man with his school needs in a special day class setting, (SDC). My first period class is Earth Science.

This week just so happens to be the 7th year anniversary of my oldest son's passing into eternity. With that looming on my mind, I couldn't help but draw the comparison to the particular chapter and section we happened to be studying on Wednesday of this week, fossils. 

When giving a definition, the book stated that fossils are "evidence of a past life."

...that they are formed by a specific process.  

The empty spaces within an organism (spaces filled with liquid or gas during life) become filled with mineral-rich groundwater. Minerals precipitate from the groundwater, occupying the empty spaces. The organism then becomes covered by setiment. 

Of course, I couldn't help but fixate on those words, "evidence of a past life." 

In my heart and soul, evidence exists of a son I love, I treasure, I miss dearly. 

In my home evidence of his memory, his things,  permeate. 

In my writing, I speak of his illness, his pain, his passing and post pictures of happy times.

...And I give testimony to the Lord who brings me great comfort and continues to bless me. 

Like petrified rocks around a desert floor, Tim's past life remains visible through me. As his mother, I need to do that. I have to do that. God is at the center of it all.

This definition also made me think of another word: legacy. I don't want to be just some scattered rocks on a desert floor. The evidence that Tim existed for his short time on earth, that I existed, I hope will not be seen so much on earth,  discovered my some wayward anthropologist. I hope that any evidence I leave will follow me into Heaven.

Because of the true God of redeeming Love I know, the rich testimony I am privleged to share, I pray that evidence will precipitate into hearts, fill up God-shaped voids and be covered by grace. The things of nature God divinly allows to transform, either seasonally or geologically, through the storms of this life, or the movement of the earth below us. We are His special creation, made to bring Him glory. I want to leave evidence, a legacy, a testimony, that my life reflected Christ.

Lord, I pray in thanksgiving, that the newness of a life lived for You never dies, never is buried by the things of this world, but becomes transformed and resurrected. Whatever evidence I proclaim in the life I live through You, may my witness be pure and Holy, my words be gentle and full of truth, my prayers be unceasing, and my worship be in humilty and sacrifice. Thank you Lord for the evidence in my heart that You are a sovereign, loving God and a God who longs to give me, through You my purpose, not just leave some dead bones or scattered rocks in the wilderness.  Amen.


  1. Amen! Love the pictures you have added, they add a whole extra layer of symbolism!

  2. Wow. ...what beautifully written words! ♥

  3. Any and everyone encountering you would agree with me, I am sure. You have already accomplished the goals described in this post. And you will , no doubt, continue to do so. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith and your sanctification journey. Your witness is inspiring to all your readers.