Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yes, Jesus Matters!

Matthew 6:33 But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness...

Within my church fellowship, the Pastor is starting a new series entitled, "Does Jesus Matter?"  This week in my writing class journal prompt, I used the same question to kick off this sermon series and start a thought process in this direction.  It's default mode for  some of us who minister in areas where testimony is essential,  an eternal perspective.

I journaled about major events both on the tragic side and on the everday-life-happening-joy side. Jesus mattered when I was a child learning to pray and attend Sunday School. I never knew though, if Jesus mattered to my parents until they were either faced with illness or spiritual healing after years of trying to do life without God as a priority. Jesus mattered when marriage and children came along. Jesus mattered when cancer and funerals and diagnosis left my heart hurting. Jesus mattered in the dark, cold recesses of space when my husband looked into my eyes, shaking his head, relaying the report from the O.R. "Timmy didn't make it."

Jesus matters to me.  In times past, not everyone knew it, not everyone witnessed Him as the Lord of my life.

You know why?

Because I wasn't putting Him as Lord in my life. 

Wishy-washy, fence sitting, compromised, undisciplined, a little discouraged, sometimes defeated...

BUT...Loved, purposed, ministered to, pastored, discipled, nurtured.

 God's patience abounds!

I matter to Jesus.  He pursued me, loved me unconditionally, and always restores and fills me with Hope.

I accepted Jesus as a child of 9.  Saved. Born again to matter in life, make Him known. I experienced death of a loved one for the first time at 19...twice. Now, Heaven mattered. The "C" word entered my personal space. I needed to know if Jesus mattered to my Dad. With tears He assured me, Yes, Jesus mattered.  Motherhood, and that sense of responsibility to "raise up a child in the way he should go...," laughter, family legacy, tradition and celebration mattered. Birthdays, holidays, soccer and baseball games, report cards and late night cookie baking, driving lessons and vacations, joy and tears, music and medicine...Did Jesus matter?  Strength and growth mattered.

When I drove up to my smoking, smoldering, flaming inferno of a home--did Jesus matter? I soon came to know, his will matters. My trials equate to His love lessons.

Once again, I say Jesus matters to me. His Grace established a place in my heart long ago and the Holy Spirit never gave up on me.


Amazing Grace!

Unfailing Love!

Jesus Matters because He is God, and I am not.

He is and was and always will be. He reigns as sovereign Lord of all and one day EVERY knee will bow.

In Christ Alone My Hope is Found.

"When I wake up in the land of Glory, with the saints I will tell my story, there will be One name that I proclaim"    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...Just that name.

Thank you Lord for this song of my heart!  You are my Life in everything that matters.  You are Lord, the Holy Matter that spins the universe one more day. Show me how to love others who seem to feel they do not matter to You. Thank you for Your patience in my life, moving You up my priority list. May I bring You glory in my story, in and through my matter. The Cross, your Resurrection, made an Eternal Matter. All we need to do is Believe.  Reveal Your evidence of power and Your mercy. Keep me faithful in the continued journey and allow me the privlege of making You matter in others. Amen.

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  1. Your testimony about Jesus mattering in our lives is simply inspirational, Keep reminding us, my friend!