Friday, May 9, 2014

Prayers, Smiles and Praises

Proverbs 31:30  "Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." 

It's Mother's Day weekend, a day when the role of mothers is appreciated and generations gather to bestow gifts of flowers and jewelry, chocolate covered strawberries and possibly breakfast in bed. It's a day we pamper, spoil, and love on our moms a little extra.

For most moms, this is a proud day, reflecting and cherishing her brood, or her own mother; the perfect sentiments displayed on a beautifully designed flowery card.

Mother's Day is my hardest holiday, still.  It shouldn't be, but it is.

I tread in those inviting waters of expectation only to slip in the slime of dissapointment.

Time does heal. There are those parts of my Mother's Day picture that no longer are tangible with one son and my own mother in the Lord's presence. I always will miss both of them, thoughts frequently towards memories.

What does the scripture tell us?

A promise of praise awaits the mother who gives respect and honor to the Lord, the giver of her salvation, and exemplifies that in her unselfish deeds and unconditional love for her children, for her family.  I know I still need to work on attitude, and there are days I am emotionally drained. I need to  remember what it says in an earlier verse, "she smiles at the future," (v.25).

The flowers petals will fall, jewelry discarded, the strawberries gobbled up and the bed will be remade every morning, hospital corners and all, by us moms for the next 364 days. I'm not saying that I--you,  are not loved, that these gifts are not sincere.  Tradition and a love language in gifts are important. It's fun to receive a thoughtful gift, but charm fades.

Youth and vigor, active relationships with adult children and the elderly, aging gracefully, (with our sunscreen and moisturizers and trips to the hair salon); becoming a grandmother;  the beauty in motherhood takes on variety of colors and textures, a different aesthetic value.  Let's recognize the beauty within ourselves, for God continues to sculpt us towards His purpose. Vanity is a multi-billion dollar industry. Taking care of our "temple" is biblical, and I know God doesn't mind a little lipstick and mascara.

I focus on the last part of this verse. God hears the prayers of a mother.

From the first time a newborn is held in her arms, as her head hits the pillow every night and as she rises to complete her chores and routines, go to work, mend the tears, bandage the knees, cook and clean, entertain, a mother prays for her children. She prays for her friend's children, she prays for her extended family.

In God's timing, not for the world's eyes and economy, but for God's economy, she shall be praised, promises the Lord.

I know my mother prayed for me.

I prayed for her.

I pray not to receive praise myself,  but to see my children give praise to their Maker.

But, there are words I would like to hear said one day...

"My mother prayed for me, and I pray for her."

Father, thank you for the gift of being a mom. It is a blessing through every good day and every hard day.  I know that You have a plan. Help me to bring You praise in this role. Be with me Lord and give me Your mercies as I miss my mother and my first born. You are not impressed with charm and outward beauty, but Lord, You look on our hearts and see our desire for our children. Help us to trust in You for the continued "raising up;"  that their paths will lead to honoring You in their own walk. May heaven rejoice in the faith of moms. Thank you Father, for Your strength and for Your promise. Amen.



  1. How very beautiful Coleene!

    Your writing is truly inspiring.
    Happy Mothers Day my friend!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Coleene, love the post and pics.