Friday, May 30, 2014

In The Sky Above (Chino Hills).

Acts 2:19a "And I will grant wonders in the sky above, and signs on the earth beneath."  

I decided to go.  No, I did not know her personally.  CommUnity-Unity.  I come, united in purpose, to mourn, remember, pray, light a candle. 

The flame keeps going out, the wind a hindrance. 

Yet that stranger persisted. He handed me another candle, protected by a plastic cup. 

I scootched it up so the wick was below the top of the cup, protected and the flame remained. 


Guitar strums plunked and a voice sang out.  An Irish dialect read scriptures; Parish Priest of the Holy, of the Redeemed, of those left to do the dialoging, listened as CommUnity. 

And I prayed, asking, why God, is this really happening again? Words reminded us, "Tragedy brings us closer to the Lord or it pushes us farther away. I pray you make the right choice. She would want that from you today." 

 I stopped asking, for I know that to be true. 

I stood behind, on the hill above the valley of the green basketball court designated for the stage, the candle-holding crowd wrapped around in a U, a Unity of honor and support for the family.  

I saw, from my perspective, the whole of the gathering, the trees, the earth below, the sky.  I could take it all in. 

And I did. 

The hummingbird did not flit and zoom, did not do a fly by.  

She hovered. Right in the middle of it all. 

Not for a few seconds, but for many minutes. 

Word-filled, comfort-giving, scripture-reading, candle-lighting, Amazing Grace singing, minutes.  

She moved, a few inches this way, a few inches that way.  I'm sure, a nest waited somewhere for her, a nectar-filled feeder beckoned for her, her mate lingered somewhere.  

Yet, she had business to do. She needed to do something very important. She needed to watch over the Unity gathering, She needed to declare His glory. She received her assignment that day, and she obeyed her Creator. 

Apparently, she was witnessed by more than just myself. 

Then we become His witness, testifying of the Sweet Nectar that is life-giving.  

I believe in the supernatural works of the Lord. I believe in the Creator of Nature doing something Super. 

A hummingbird sign, a wonder, a Wonder-filled glimpse of His love. 

The song continues, "when we've been there, ten-thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we've no less days, to sing God's praise, then when we've first begun." 

I felt the presence of the Lord, for He is a Light that never burns out and a giver of peace. He manifests within nature, in a tiny hummingbird above a grieving crowd, a soaring eagle above a soldier's brave duty, a ladybug on a headstone in the dead of winter, a rainbow of promise, or in a rabble of Swallowtail butterflies guiding me on the path of His plan.  Today, this hummingbird moment comforted.  For those who made the connection, we will crave the sight again, crave the God-wonder-sign who fills our hearts with hope. 

Thank you lady hummingbird for giving us hope in such a broken, sorrow-filled world. We are grateful Lord for showing us a glimpse of Your Glory through our tears. Lord, You created us to be Your ultimate sign of wonder, to be super-natural in an un-natural world bent on blocking You from our view, snuffing out our light.  I pray for the broken-hearted from yet another senseless tragedy. May we hover close to Your desire for us and walk in a path that gives hope and healing, lighting candles in the darkness. May many hummingbirds (Your Spirit) hover for many days to come and heal the broken hearts of Isla Vista, Chino Hills, the World. Amen.  

Written in memory of Chino Hills own, Katherine Cooper and the other victims of the UCSB tragedy.

Blessing: WestCoast magazine published this story in their July issue.



  1. And God sent another hummingbird, at just the right time . . . again. Sweet words Coleene.

  2. Peaceful words to heal a time of confusion.

  3. Amazing--I too know of those spirit-filled hummingbirds and the healing that they bring! CommUnity, love this word descriptor of exactly what we need at this very moment 1 week later...

  4. Comforting, tender, healing & peaceful words Coleene. Beautifully written and I could feel the power of the hummingbird's presence & symbol of the Holy Spirit guiding the light of comfort over such a tragic moment.