Friday, June 26, 2015

Waves of Grace

Romans 5:1-2  "Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; and we exult in hope of the glory of God."

It's one of those news days...breaking news, historical news, world events and change.

Sunbathers in Tunisia, their beach towels soaked in blood, a mosque in Kuwait blew up and something happened in France...

Washington D.C. glows like Skittles, a rainbow decision.

A dangerous, escaped prisoner, maybe two soon, brought down.

A flag may no longer fly in the South.

A President sings "Amazing Grace" before a grieving city, a city that knows these words by heart for many decades.

And I reel it back in to my little circle.

Should I get a new swimsuit and try out the pool? Should I let another summer go by without the refreshment of a swim?

I retook my driver's test after missing one-too-many the first time around for a renewal I had let slide. I can proudly say I am legit now.

I have big lizards in my yard.  They're pretty cool.

I live...I mean love, the pictures on social media, of every one's vacations to wonderful places,  and then there is Pinterest.

My tomatoes are doing well;  my peppers not so much.

I can't go to Disneyland now until late August.

Did I use too much water today?

I'm looking for that bright yellow, black-winged oriole (I think) to come back in my yard long enough to get a picture. I've seen him twice, swooping in for a drink of water.

This is what he looks like!  

And then there are the prayers for my outer circle:  A third job lay-off,  an abusive ex., two young mothers and their addictions, prodigal adult children, debt, cystic fibrous, cancer, depression, suicide, pain and recovery, chronic disease.

...and the President sings "Amazing Grace..."

 I have it... and I know it... and I live it... and I cherish it!

Only because He Gave It!  God,  through His Son deemed it so for this broken world. I believe. I read His unchanging Word.

And I need to give more of it. Be it. 

For the little circle ripples out to the bigger circle, whether a boulder hits the surface or a pebble.

Waves hit the shore, from sea to shining sea.  My water fountain for the birds ripples in the winds of change. God so loved the world...

Amazing Grace Lord, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. 

Waves of Grace, wash my eyes out to see more of You in all my circles. For you friend, I pray for peace, love, compassion, healing, provision and protection. I wish for you to know Amazing Grace and seek His purpose within your own circle. May God not hide His face from us, but empower us to be salt and light. Amen.

Casting Crowns: If We Ever Need You Lord 

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  1. Oh how I love your words and your heart. It is beautiful to see how God uses your words, pictures and song to make lovely mosaics that touch deep into the souls of those like me.