Friday, April 6, 2012

A Good Egg

Isaiah 1:18  "Come, llet us reason together."

EGGar, one of a dozen in his group, couldn't understand the EGGcitement of the others. Off in his own corner, he remained separated by his hard-boiled countenance. His eleven collEEGs, EGGhoed sentiment for their friend who was not so over-easy.

"Hey EGGar, come join us today. It's make-over week!"

"I'd rather be fried," EGGar cracked back.

"Oh, come on. It won't be as EGGcrutiating as you think."

EGGar, his friends continuing to EGG him on, broke a smile and decided to lay it all on the line. Maybe he could scramble some courage together and whip up a conversation with EGGerina. It seemed the time to break out of his shell.

Off they went, this dozen. One by one they took a dip into the pastel colors baptized in yellows, aquas, and lavenders. EGGar, his yolk feeling a little tossed, rolled on over toward EGGerina, blushing pink.

"Hello", he appoached her delicately. "That color looks very good on you."

"It's EGGzactly what I hoped for." she answered as she rolled up a little closer. "...and that yellow brings your sunny side up."

Together they left for the big outdoors, waiting in the tall grass to be discovered.  Placed in the same basket, Chocolate Bunny presided over the recipe, calling for the two to become one. Jelly bean witnesses sweetened the deal.

EGGar and EGGerina soon found their purpose. EGG salad sandwiches, delivered to the local homeless shelter, fed many in need. Lemon Meringue pie felt inspired by these two as he served beside them. No more EGGcuses; he would step out in faith as well.

Encouragement from your "carton of Grade A" buddies may just be the ingredient you need to lEGG-0 and let God, the EGGSpert and most EGGcellent authority on courage and purpose.

Lord, I cannot begin to thank you enough for this Season and for giving me a reason to pause today, this  Good Friday.  Jesus, you were  broken and spilled-out, sacrificed so that I may have life. May I live EGGarly for you in all that I do. Amen. 

(P.S. I am sure you know the spelling errors are made on purpose for this Eggcerpt. . But seriously, consider where you want to place all your eggs, hopefully they lay in a basket of faith).

Have a Blessed Easter Everyone! 


  1. A most EGGcellent post, heavy on yokes and salty with humor. Very EGGjoyable!

  2. Coleene, This is a very cool blog and I truly enjoyed it and laughed too. Please do me the favor of joining my blog, I did the same for Tracy she need more followers too. My blog is located at I sure appreciate your time. Hope to see you at Sunrise services, Carl family and Linda's family and I will be there wearing very warm clothing. Happy Eater from my family to yours.

  3. EGGjoyed the story!
    He risen!

    Thank you,

  4. That was eggcellent!! What an imagination and way with words! Thank you for your inspiration!