Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers

Psalms 30:11 You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing...

Just walking through my door after work, my Starbucks reward in hand, I noticed my Easter d├ęcor, still punctuating corners of my home, a few pink eggs here, a leaping bunny there—and I began to recollect this special month of April for me.  They always come fast, these 30-31 days in this stage of my life, but this month left marks on the calendar, marks I hope to remember well into eternity. 

April 7th, I sat before a crowd of women peers, unfolding a story of great loss and sadness, a story I had told in pieces, but the complete puzzle picture never articulated out in words all at once like this.  In such personal and loving ways, God ministered to my heart during that day and continued through that night and into the next week.  He once again validated his great mercy and grace towards me and showered me with such peace and a treasured gift.  Lord, I am so grateful.

When given an opportunity to encourage, even across a great ocean, my story and more importantly, my Lord brings this world to my keyboard as I chat to a young mother in fear and uncertainty about her own future and that of her child. Was I equipped to take on such a task? I pray my words gave her peace and led her to knowing Holy God in a more personal way. 

April brought such nice storms our way; lovely rain that we needed in a powerful thunderstorm one week and a refreshing tropical shower this week. The ground is soft and eager to receive the seeds for a late summer and fall harvest.

Oh, the Hope of the Resurrection!

Lord, as I pack up my silly bunnies and speckled eggs, I give you praise for the Eternal Spring that washes through my life. Though past April showers, dreary and dark drenched my soul, Your light evaporates the tears and finds me dancing in the rain of your hopeful promise. 


  1. I sit here with tears in my eyes, sharing such a momentous month with my friend. What an honor to know you, such a testimony of faith in an uncertain world. I so understand your moment "on stage" and encourage you to continue sharing your faith at each opportunity!

    1. You,Linda, one of many very strong "winds beneath my wings."