Friday, November 16, 2012

Beyond Game Day

1 Corinthians 15:57 (NIV)

 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Cross-town showdown; the big game gathers fans around the living room, restaurants and of course, the stadium.  Everybody hopes "their" team comes out ahead, puts the most points on the board, entertains us with athletic ability. True fans follow their team weekly, probably possess season tickets and know the players and their stats well. They listen to talk radio and sport the team logo on accessories and coffee mugs.  We know where their loyalties lie.

"Bandwagoners, tail-gattors"...they show up for the food, the drink, the few hours of rambunctious cheering and screaming at the referees and coaches.  Some don't even know what the team record is or the benefit of watching a team's growth, adding up TD's and hoping for Heisman Trophy's. But they spout their strong opinions and emotion based grumbles when things don't quite go their way.  Spirits high for a few hours, who knows what team they will be cheering for next year.

Do you think "Christians" act like that?

Showing up to worship on Sunday, we cheer and sing for the Lord, partake in the social encouragement, and "feel like a winner". Then we pack up our stadium seats and head home.

Away from the cheering crowds, do we stay tuned-in to the play by play? Can it be said that no one knows which "team" we support for our lives do not display a winning attitude?  All the truth-based statistics seem unreliable and the communication with our "Coach"is held in disregard, a Coach who never takes off his headset. The team jersey lies at the bottom of the hamper.  Sometimes bandwagoners never really have a ticket into the stadium. Even though the "game plan" is highlighted in the Playbook, the plays fail to be studied and kept close to heart.

Lord, I know I am on a winning team. Help me to live victoriously every day and especially in all my side line moments.  It may take me several "downs" to move the ball, but I can be confident in Your Team, on the field and off. Amen.


  1. This post is more than a first-down, it is a game winning touchdown.

  2. Interesting metaphor that isn't obvious to the untrained team--keep up the good work coach!