Friday, August 2, 2013

A Certain Credibility

Hosea 6:3 "So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord. His going forth is as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain watering the earth." 

Today, the news tells us of a "credible threat."

Intelligence decipherers and purveyors of Homeland Security extended the warning to the media, remitting to the public. Reinforcements begin, closing certain embassys for awhile, travel restrictions to"unfriendly"areas, more security checks, and heightened alert for our military. "Chatter" increases; we hunker down and wait it out.

Can the murmurings of evil, of lies, of resentment and discouragement shut you down?  

In all does at times.

I'm not Jesus.

My brain has too many thoughts and words and just like "chatter," I think fearful things, say words that confuse or point to ME instead of God, fail to forgive because I think it's justified, cry sometimes, stress. My heart gets clogged up with my own agenda. I'm a work in progress; thank you God for loving me anyways and seeing the end result.

I took that filter off quite a while ago; the one that used to just say the nice prayers at nice times for the nice people.

I'm in the trenches now, the Lord rules as the C.I.A. of my soul. Real life soldiering as one belonging to Christ, I press on. Praying continually, my communication pleads and praises and He assesses and blesses. He definitely hears my chatter, but I must receive His intelligence and act upon it. Christ teaches in His Word, we must pray for the people we'd rather forget, endure situations inconvenient and frustrating, live this life in all its difficulty and do it under His grace. I must bring my tears to Him. He's got them all counted anyway.

Without my Savior, I am toast!  Burnt toast at that!

What's so certain about it, is that the Word of God so easily comes into focus. Reading His Word, I feel the enemy back down. I get clarity, a heightend sense of spiritual alertness.

 Angel armies, HOMEland Security, Peace.

God does not give us a "credible threat," but an INCREDIBLE PROMISE!"

He, my Father God, goes before me, and He promises to refresh my soul, despite what threatens to disrupt my world.  My only instruction is to surrender...

and the blood rushes through, and the promise of rain, CERTAIN. The Rain/Blood washes stuff away and sustains life.

Heavenly Father, I press on. Hear my "chatter" Holy Spirit. Interpret, and fill me with your wisdom to counter the enemy of this world. Allow me to be a Peacekeeper, not a deal breaker. The enemy is sly and waits for the cracks in the armor. I stand in Your spring rain, sustained by Your Word. This world will one day know that You are Lord, Lord of All. Amen.

Do you have a certainty about God in your life?  He's ready to listen to your chatter.


  1. Sam and I were just talking about the state of security. Yup, we came to the conclusion that without him we're toast--to paraphrase you.

  2. Words I needed to hear tonight. Well timed.