Friday, August 16, 2013

Keeping Hydrated

Psalm 36: 8 "They drink their fill of the abundance of Thy house; and Thou dost give them to drink of the river of Thy delights."

Thursdays, a kind of hectic day around here. It's payday which also means "we're-out-of-groceries-day" thus "go-out-to-dinner-and-catch-up-on-the-week-day." That is, after I wait for my hubby to come home from the shop. He waits as well, for meetings to end,  gathering pay checks for his workers, job discussions and resupply, and I know, a little lollygagging.  

(Just knew I would use that word sooner or later...) 

We do just that, and it's usually after eight by this time. Ted showers and shaves. I clean up a space for me in his truck, throwing away the wrappers and plastic cups, juggling the blueprints to the backseat, cringing at what's been spilled and if I can trust the seat I'm about to sit in.  

At dinner, we fill up on conversation, iced tea and sometimes share a meal. We talk about our week, the week to come. The waitress repours for Ted and I get to the bottom of my first glass. She comes again and politely refills for a second, a third time. 

Our thirst is quenched and yet the refills come.

Early evening yesterday while waiting for my husband to return home, I went out in the yard to take pictures, and look for butterfly sightings. My backyard roses needed watering after the first truly hot days of summer finally came upon So. Cal. I heard him arrive and returned to the house. While upstairs freshening up, the sound of running water in the walls, reminded me of my earlier garden chore. 

(mental note: turn the hose off before leaving for dinner).  

We got home, watched a movie with my son and then headed up the stairs a little later than usual. Closing the house down for the night, what did I hear? 

The sound of running water.   

Uugh! I left the hose trickling for several hours. My roses enjoyed refill after refill, as well as my neighbor's weeds. ( A parched mind, my only explanation!)

We get dry sometimes, thirsty for the spiritual, for renewal, to feel the splash of refreshment plump up our veins. Allowing our roots to dig deeper, the loosened clay saturates. Hydration keeps our organs working properly, our skin clearer and our mind sharper. Spiritual hydration of the Lord's Living Water of Truth and Promise does the same for our soul. Our heart and mind work together; wisdom and discernment calms the emotional fears when we hear the Lord's "running pipe," the turn of the spicket in our preparation towards growth (sanctification). The blemishes of our sin begin to deminish and our roots grab and take hold, a firm foundation. The joy of knowing we our loved, cared for, and purposed, blooms. 

And God's business runs on refills, paid for once at the Cross. 

His abundance gushes an unending supply, a hydrant of holiness, washing over me to bring me to holiness, a flood to both, the rose and the weed. 

Lord, Your pitcher overflows for my delight. You water me with Your spray of forgiveness, and soak me in Your grace. I am baptized in Your death and rise up in the waters of Your ressurrection. Please allow Your redeeming river to drench me in Your glory. Thank You for Your abundance and my ability to share Your overflowing, never-ending cup with those who thirst. Amen. 

Are you thirsty my friend?  

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  1. Oh and you know that hydration has special significance to me! Very nice post my friend.