Friday, August 23, 2013

A Season of Eternity

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under Heaven--
   A time to give birth, and a time to die;
   A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. 

We shared news this week on the Facebook pages of our lives, that brought sorrow. First, the passing of a teenager named Kody, a very sick young man for more than a year; even his disease was hard to diagnosis. The community rallied for him in prayer and family support. Second, another friend's husband whose heart surgery and complications ended in today's update, his passing into glory. Culminating with the end to my summer and my sunflower season, I share a re-edited poem I wrote a few years ago as today's post.

 I planted sunflowers in a new place, a new yard, the first summer after my son died. The butterfly comes to me, a God whisper to trust. I stand amongst the sunflowers to say, yes Lord, help me to trust you today. Each season in our life God can use for His glory. Solomon, in all his wisdom, tells us so as he continues to name the seasons. It is hard to understand in our flesh, how a season of sorrow is not an end. Trust God are the only two words I could think for awhile in my own season of grief. Praise God, for Kody, Norm and Tim, a new season begins. Praise God that in our grief, what God has planted, He promises to nurture and restore. Praise God, that the Season of Eternity is just that, forever and ever! 

Sunflower Lives

Out my kitchen window, planted to see,
Giant sunflowers, swaying so softly.
Rising behind the marigold plot
Up they grow, along the fence spot.

Harvesting seeds from last year's crop
The dried, crusty bloom, many seeds I did drop
A few to the birds and I gathered the rest
To plant this year, sort of a test. 

And soon they emerged, up and up with speed
Staked, planted firm against their own weight and need.
The bees gather 'round, more than before.
I spotted a mantis, praying for more. 

And in my observation, today God speaks.
Standing at the window thinking on summer weeks.
The first, the largest, now hangs it's head in grace,
For it served it's purpose, now the seeds take their place. 

Others stand by; multi-blooms on stock,
Watching over the fence, no hesitant balk.
Knowing they serve us with whimsy and purpose;
But their days are numbered; preparing to leave us.

I think of my son, (Kody and Norm); a shining short season,
So like the sunflower, deliberate with reason.
Planted and nurtured to bring memory seeds,
I'll continue to sow for as long as God needs. 

And my hope is that one will grow in your yard.
A bright yellow flower to always stand guard. 
A reminder of seasons, some short and some long.
But a memory of grace told in a sunflower song. 

My friend JB and her husband Norm 


Thank you Lord for the promise of the Season of Eternity. For in You alone lies our hope. Great God of Comfort, minister to these dear ones whose season of sorrow is upon them. May those who mourn know peace. I pray for these dear friends, for their own seasons of growth, bringing them closer to You. Father God, lead them through the valley off sorrows, to the place where memories exist, where the weeping turns to a season of laughter and smiles, where what's been torn into what You can build up from the petals of their heart. For other's Lord, for myself, teach us to speak and when and where to find You in our own  "sunflower sanctuary"  and just listen. Your season is now and God, lift our heads towards Your glorious face, a face that brings life eternal. Amen. 

In love and memory of Kody and Norm, Coleene 

P.S. Hey Tim, Kody loved to play soccer, shoot some goals with him and Norm...neither of you have nasty scars anymore, perfect bodies of glory, all of you now. Send extra butterflys to our friends this week, peace out Tim. Love you. 


  1. Thank you Coleene. You continue to bless my heart. My favorite part personalized: I am asking God to show me how to turn my weeping into laughing. I'm asking Him to take what's been torn and ripped apart and build it up from the ruins. And oh how I need to know when I should speak and when I need to find myself a "sunflower sanctuary" and just listen.

  2. Melody, you are and always will be a shining sunflower in my life. I have found sanctuary in your friendship and God will bring his glory to your garden, for I see you once again nurturing those seeds of faith. I love you.

    1. :) You are such a sweet friend . . . love you too.

  3. Another reminder of the seasons of life and the ways God provides to deal with grief and loss, all with the promise of renewal in the spring of eternal life. I love this poem, it is one of your best. Keep up the inspiring work my special friend.

    1. Linda, With each year, the seeds of our friendship grow deeper. I know we have another inspiring season to come.

  4. Sharing in your season of sorrow, your post provides encouragement for tomorrow. Well watered and nourished by your faith washing over me

    1. A new season awaits us, and you my friend are already a "seasoned" veteran. "Jake J." awaits his season to shine!