Friday, August 1, 2014

Equal Ground

I Corinthians 9: 22 "To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak; I have become all things to all men, that I may by all means save some." (Apostle Paul)  

I went for my walk this morning.  As I approached the first intersection, someone across the street waved at me.  Halfway across the cross walk, I recognized a friend. I knew her from soccer years ago. Her son played on my husband's all star team.  I knew her as well,  from my job. We worked together when I was at Don Lugo, 6 years ago.

She changed her direction and walked with me another mile. We caught up on life, mutual friends, sad events, our families. Natural, friendly, passionate, a friend I hardly ever see, yet one mile of walking together and every step is equal ground, no pretenses.

I went to a reunion picnic a few weeks back. I've gone the last 5 years or so. For some reason, I am in charge of the "Memorial Board."  I added three pictures this year.  Some people go out of their way to come to the park once a year, driving several hours. I love my high school friends, all of them. Some I didn't know in high school!

We hover over the memorial board. No Homecoming Queens, no football jocks; those titles cannot still define us...we've grown up, experienced a lot. Now, it's knee replacements, recession recovery, adult children living at home, care of our elderly parents, a few pounds, ...The world as it was,  the world now gone stark-raving mad!  ...and the thought of that Memorial Board...

                                                   ...and we're on equal ground.

A grandmother, adopted her daughter's children, searches the Internet for a support group, for a walk for kidney disease. She finds NephCure and connects. Her 8 year old grandson suffers with Nephrotic Syndrome. She needs understanding, compassion, information. Interacting with people from all over the country, all over the world,  someone sends her my e-mail and she connects with me.

Full circle, she lives in my old neighborhood, in Chino! Three e-mails and then a phone call this morning, we are on the same page.  We start talking about the disease, share how she has the same pediatric nephrologist that we had out at Loma Linda.  She tells me of her precious one and my heart hurts for his struggle as I remember mine. The ground levels out and a chasm is bridged.

Every human being longs for connection, the ability to communicate without fear of judgment, for compassion, and shared hopes, to tell a story and to feel worthy. When we come to the Father, we receive this very thing. As part of the Body of Christ, and as a Believer in His Word, we should emulate that very thing in our lives. It is something that doesn't come natural for some but something to strive for.

So, wait for a friend, change direction and walk with them through life. Make connections with your past, you might be surprised about the healing it brings. Share your story, for you are never alone.

We'll all stand equally before Him in our sin and we'll all stand glorified before Him in our Redemption.

Don't you want those connections to be eternal?

Lynn's Garden
Water color by Coleene VanTilburg 
Allow Christ to build bridges, prepared in prayer to take some steps. You may find more in common than you thought. Equal ground is fun to stand on in your work boots, your flip-flops, your heels, or your tennies. Let's take our shoes off, grab a sharpie and draw a happy face on each other's toes!

I think I'll suggest that for the next class reunion!

Lord, thank you for helping us to see opportunity to serve you. We all have so many different circles of influence in our lives, so many opportunities to share our hearts. Lord you came for the Jew and the Gentile! You put them on equal ground and you died for all.  Help us to swallow, banish, discard our pride. Free us up Lord and give us courage to share our own stories of Your goodness.  We've all been underground, saved on equal ground, and grow towards that place called Holy Ground. Place our toes on your path and lead us towards compassion and love. Amen.

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  1. What a privilege to work side-by-side with you my friend! Let's go first year six starting today!