Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm in the Band!

Psalm 81: 1 "Sing for joy to God our strength ; shout joyfully to the God of Jacob. Raise a song, strike the timbrel,  the sweet sounding lyre with the harp."

I stepped outside a little bit ago. Listening, I heard it in the distance, a sound, a certain beat that is celebratory. A sound that reverberates. It's an image the wind carries to my ears; my mind's eye sees it, the formations, the footwork, the reflections of the instruments as they turn and move.

 You know that sound.

Harkening back, it is the sound of team spirit, football games and school starting in the fall. It's a drum core, a horn section, xylophones, piccolos and tubas. Yes, the high school marching band practicing on a football field not so far away, I can hear it and it made me smile.


There is a rhythm in life all around us. Bees buzzing, birds chirping, rain pitter-pattering, wind rustling, dogs barking, a wave washing up to meet the shore. Nature's noise

The sound of letters being pressed on a keyboard, the beep of a notification on Facebook, the vibration of a cell phone, a CD changer--changing, the spitting out of papers on a copier. Techno tunes.

The screech of brakes, the back-up warnings of a truck, the jets overhead jetting, the train whistle, a subway sonnet, the gear change of a bicycle. Transportation tones.

The whir of a coffee being made by your favorite Barista, the sizzle of bacon on Saturday morning, the pop of kernels in the microwave, the slurp of soup, the crunch of a taco. Sustenance symphony.

The world makes a noise. Do you hear its groaning? Waling warfare, vociferous viruses, pontificating politicians, ear-piercing poverty, hollering hunger and thirst, the din of death without hope.

Turn it down!  

As a Believer, God gave us a voice, a command, to share the Chords of Christ.  With that voice, we combine with a section of instruments and create a harmony. Together, with the whole band, The Body of Christ, we can be a significant part of making a joyful noise. You may need practice, you may need to learn to read music, march in time, feel the beat, go to "Band Camp." The Director's got this; He's writing your part in as you continue to learn your song of purpose.

Turn the music of your soul up and sing His praises. God hears it from Heaven, but maybe your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends may want to listen to the way your heart beats, the sweet harmonies of Hope in the Lord God Almighty. The groaning of the world only promises to loom louder, more deafening. March to the beat of a different drummer; you never know when the hum of your heart harmonizes with another waiting to find their own song of salvation. Share the Music.

Lord, help me always to hear your voice above the noisy, clamoring world. To be a part of a grand orchestra creating beauty is a blessing. I am thankful to be a part of your "sheet music" ministry.  May I stand tall, in-line with Your Word, and use my gifts to your glory. Block the discouragement of the one who tries to trip me in my march, convince me I am out of tune.  Help all of us Lord, to listen with intensity for the part you've called us for and may it be made clear through the band members around us as we march through this symphony called life. Amen.


  1. Thanks for this encouraging post in a most difficult world these days. Important to keep our priorities right!

  2. Wow! "That" was beautiful! Growing up with Mr. Music himself, I found this to be very cleaver and I'm loving the analogy. I too, heard the band on Friday. Next time I hear them I will be remembering this post, and ponder my place in His band. Until then, I remain purposed to live life one "measure" at a time. Love you my friend. :)