Friday, November 14, 2014

Kisses from Heaven.

I Peter 5:10 "And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you."

Writing a memoir about the journey through grief and healing, I find the experience of writing, recalling and reciting as spiritually affirming if not more so, than the remembered events and words I type out  in my word document. If I could begin to compare it to something, it's like walking into a very dark, lonely cave with a pen light only to have it transform into a Mag light, which leads into a beautiful cathedral, filled with stained glass windows and singing choirs of angels,  sunlit from up above. more thing, the angels sing to me while blowing kisses from Heaven.

Since the busyness of the school year and ministry started in September,  time to work on my chapters eludes me a bit. This week found me with 4 days off and I determined to spend some time with the keyboard, my memories and my work-in-progress. Sharing an important chapter this week with my writing group, I've been so blessed for their hearts to hear, to suggest, to seek to understand where my heart lies, then and now.  I found myself strolling through the cave-cathedral in both occasions and the beauty of these moments, overwhelms me.

The CATHEDRAL of His affirming plan in what I am writing, in what I am sharing in my writers' group; God confirms to me in such a miraculous way, a friend said, "how could anyone deny the Deity of Christ!"

The bond of the Lord through people, through experiences, does not leave one in a dark and lonely place of grief. God designed fellowship, whether for a few days or for a lifetime. When He orchestrates lives together, even in the hardest, most distressing of times, His grace and mercy etches into our hearts.  His light shines on it, and by writing, by retelling, God makes Himself known! That connection shines again. Nothing is coincidence!

Yes, I've left out the details here, and they just may be in another chapter towards the  end of my book. Just know, that I know, that God shows Himself in such wonderful ways when He communicates His love and affirmation. Read His Word, sing a psalm, write a prayer, tell a story. Expect Him to show you and when He does, the miracle continues.

I am in the process of writing about THE SUFFERING; in,  through and after.

The God of GRACE heals my heart.

I am sharing my writing with my writers group to PERFECT it.

God CONFIRMS me by orchestrating Incidences, His Word, His Creation, His People, to speak clearly in my preparation of this story.

In that, I receive STRENGTH to continue on, to give Him praise, to Glory in His Love for me!

I am ESTABLISHED  in His Will and empowered to keep pressing on towards the Promises of Hope!

Thank you Lord, for the work I am doing, for the confirmation in such intimate, personal ways that you gave me this week. For sending moments to me that prove your amazing, miraculous ways. I praise Your Name, Name above all Names as my Lord and Savior, the Giver of my strength and the author of my story.  I continue to proclaim your grace upon amazing grace. Amen.

Reflection for your own journal: Where have you seen a miraculous confirmation of God's will in your own life?


  1. Each of us has a journey before us and behind us. If we take the time to share our daily discoveries as we walk our own path, hopefully we shine a little light upon the one that created us and wants to perfect us. Thanks for sharing your journey with the AWF and preserving your transformation story in written form for those that follow. Like the amazing butterflies that fill your garden, you are recreated through the process. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have seen God's miraculous confirmation walking beside you and witnessing the grief of loss being transformed week by week and day by day. He is truly amazing when we wait on HIs guidance and then follow! You are an inspiration, my friend.